[China Glass Network] Description: The final goal of the negotiation is to achieve a win-win situation, but if the success of the business negotiation skills is not mature enough or negligent, it is easy for the negotiating opponent to drill a gap, resulting in a win-win situation for the opponent. Therefore, it is necessary for negotiators to master certain business negotiation success skills. Let us learn the success skills of business negotiation together!

In business negotiations, the two sides of the negotiations are not hostile relations after all, but there is no conflict and contradiction of interests. In the negotiation without any skill and principle, the negotiators often fall into a situation where they are difficult to extricate themselves, or the negotiations are in a stalemate, or the two sides always feel that the goals of both sides have not been reached after the agreement is reached, or the negotiating party always seems to have lost one. The feeling of the game. Business negotiation is a more important part of the sales process. In the negotiation and communication, there must be more basic negotiation skills.

At this time, we believe that there are two important reasons for the above results. First, at least one of the parties to the negotiations did not have high sincerity in the negotiations. For this reason, we will not discuss it here for the time being. We assume that the two parties have the sincerity of long-term cooperation. Then another reason is that the negotiators of the two parties have not been able to fully grasp the principles and skills of the negotiations within a limited negotiation time, so that the interests of both parties have been greatly improved. At the same time, neither side realized that the success of the negotiations requires negotiation. In addition to being proficient in the professional content of business negotiations, they must follow certain scientific methods and steps to control the negotiation process.

Under the premise that the two parties have long-term cooperation and sincerity, we propose a concept of “three steps of business negotiation”, that is, the steps of negotiation should be Claimingvalue, Creating Value and Overcoming Barrierstoagreement. ) Three processes. Our aim is to provide each business negotiator with a framework to effectively master the negotiation process. Many famous foreign business schools follow these "three steps" to train students' negotiation skills and abilities. Many successful foreign negotiations are also following the steps and principles of such a negotiation. The following is a breakdown of the "three steps of negotiation" as follows:

1. Affirmation of value.

This stage is the initial stage of negotiation. The two parties should fully communicate their respective interests and needs to demonstrate the methods and advantages that can meet the needs of the other party. The key step in this phase is to clarify the real needs of the other party. Therefore, the main skill is to ask the other party more questions and explore the actual needs of the other party. At the same time, we must also declare our interests according to the situation. Because the more you understand the real needs of the other party, the more you can know how to meet the requirements of the other party; at the same time, the other party knows your interests and can meet your requirements.

However, we also see that there are many so-called "business negotiation skills" that induce negotiators to confuse each other during the negotiation process, so that the other party does not know your details, do not know your true needs and interests, and even try to mislead each other, for fear that the other party knows Your bottom line will ask you for the price. We believe that this is not the general principle of negotiation. If you always mislead the other party, then it may be your own.

2. Create value.

This stage is the intermediate stage of negotiation. The two sides communicate with each other and often affirm their respective interests and understand the actual needs of each other. However, the agreement reached here does not necessarily mean greater benefits for both parties. That is to say, the interests here are often not effectively balanced. Even if the balance is reached, this agreement may not be the preferred solution. Therefore, in the negotiations, both sides need to find ways to find better solutions and find greater benefits for the negotiating parties. This step is to create value.

The stage of creating value is often the stage that business negotiations are easier to ignore. In general business negotiations, few negotiators can fully create, compare, and measure better solutions from a global perspective. Therefore, negotiators often feel that the results of the negotiations are not satisfactory, there is no feeling of being able to achieve "win", or there is always a little regret. From this point of view, what kind of method is adopted to make the negotiating parties achieve greater benefits, and it is very important to seek a better solution.

3. Overcome obstacles.

This stage is often the tough stage of negotiations. The obstacles to negotiation generally come from two aspects: one is the conflict between the two parties in the interests of the two parties; the other is that the negotiators themselves have obstacles in the decision-making process. The former obstacle is that both parties need to coordinate interests according to fair and reasonable objective principles; the latter needs to negotiate the accessibility of the party to help the other party to make a smooth decision.

The "three steps of business negotiation" we talked about above is the principle that negotiators apply in any business negotiation. As long as the negotiating parties keep this negotiation step in mind and effectively follow the appropriate method, the outcome of the negotiations can be achieved in a win-win situation and the interests of both parties will be enlarged.

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