October 10, 2011 is the best two days in the past two months, the two sides in the media resources on the cooperation, the brand strategy win-win situation , Have made great progress, pioneering CCTV network pioneer special gifted to give you excellent baby "in 2011 the most growth potential entrepreneurial brand" honorary title. Youyong baby children's wear brand director of operations on behalf of Dai Gang went to Beijing to further cooperation and CCTV pioneering column for a negotiation, for the second half of the children's wear market, put forward three centers, five plans for further cooperation blueprint. The three centers include continuous quality center, full of children as the center, fully customer-centric, the only way to further enhance the CCTV brand brand image. The five plans include a complete whole shop output plan, a standardized marketing system of Orma, a full range of children's science and technology services, the expansion of new technology production equipment and a better after-sales service plan. Carrying the banner of children's wear industry, leading the children's clothing vane, gifted baby has been working hard for this concept, in the next days, is bound to work with CCTV's pioneering section more closely together to create "our present, the future of children "Emerging children's wear industry.

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