Success among China 's underwear industry leader in brand ranks of love has always been adhering to the "create beauty, love," the mission. Every love underwear products, are flashing unparalleled fashion style. In 2012 spring and summer China Fashion Week on the occasion of the opening ceremony of love as the usual debut or has brought a lot of bright spots. In the lingerie fashion show, a set of sexy, temptation, gentle, charming lingerie display, so that every careful observation of people feel like being in a fantasy. Different design, fantastic charming color with beautiful!

爱慕 - Aimer

爱慕内衣开季首秀  诠释新古典主义

Although the adorable lingerie fashion show than Victoria did not like the whimsy, but in China, as the underwear show as the leading brand. In this show, from the improvement of sexy lingerie drape from the extension of the layers of complex underwear to erase the inherent impression of the one-piece design is worth pondering, more noteworthy is that even the show floor by the traditional T- Into a curved display. Admitted to the debut of pure gold bra is full of gimmicks, the introduction of exclaimed.

爱慕内衣开季首秀  诠释新古典主义

The "Amore 2012 Spring and Summer Conference" consists of four series, taking the classical beauty as the main line, not only showing the combination of ancient and modern aesthetics, but also making more bold use of the collision of Eastern and Western culture and aesthetics, which is "completely new" Classicism.

Opening, the European medieval retro nostalgic atmosphere blowing, golden and pink combination, subtle and romantic collision, just to exudes an elegant, noble, sexy femininity. Although retro, but this series has abandoned the shackles of women in the medieval European underwear, but the perfect combination of modern art and retro court clothing, showing the luxury of luxury dress, elegant graceful style.

Bid farewell to the Europa, a natural breeze blowing slowly, white and dark gray color between the use of natural fabric and texture, soft texture, the flow of curves, leisurely attitude towards life and pure Che spiritual realms emerge. Unique, self, extreme and taste first is the essence of fashion aesthetics, both under the theme of leisurely collision, integration, the deep Zen melt into the modern fashion language.

Light changes, the freehand brushwork of Chinese classical painting, blooming on the thin, clear silk. Delicate and delicate lace outline gentle, lovely oriental women sexy charm. Yellow, black, gray, ivory four colors reveal the fashion flavor.

爱慕内衣开季首秀  诠释新古典主义

Suddenly, song flute melodious. The integration of Kunqu Opera inspiration can be described as the biggest highlight of the entire show. "Silk Road, Jincheng day and a half, half into the wind in the clouds .This song should only be heaven, the world can get a few times to smell." Through 600 years of vastness, has brought the first fantasy, affectionate and elegant , Gracefully stay in front of us, let us hear the deepest beauty to the extreme exclamation.

Elegant and elegant oriental classical beauty, solemn and subtle, such as Chinese ink painting art, flowing freely, clear air fresh and pleasant; Another example from the Kunming Kunqu Opera art, delicate and elegant, beautiful and distant, since ancient times is a model of literati and elegant . The Western classical art, such as romantic subtle ancient Greek culture, the pursuit of solemn, harmonious, refined and hearty; Baroque art such as the European palace, to break the rational tranquility, passion and dynamic, free-spirited and slender, lightweight, gorgeous.

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