Sometimes like a princess noble and elegant, sometimes unrestrained enthusiasm, the combination of moving and love, matched.

Color and black, white, gray interspersed with the combination; the ultimate simple cut, clear and dense collision, the combination of light and dark, hit the color of the design, expression of female introverted youthful vitality.

Tedious and simple, black and white, relaxation, ubiquitous, like a colorful rainbow rainbow in the horizon, let us start light.

路莎 - Rlosa

Comfortable, quiet, soft, quiet, elegant, pure, reveal the slightest delicate.

Comfortable linen; hollow car flower materials; luminous skirts; thin silk cotton material; youth fashion wave point; vertical sense of strong knitted material;

Vivid orange-red, blue, stylish and classic black-and-white ash.

October 18 to 20 Rlosa will open in spring 2012 fashions scream to make, Shenzhen Road Lufthansa Clothing Co., 2012 new spring release and orders, will be opened in Shenzhen Nanshan gorgeous. Then Rlosa spring trendy elegant new products will be gathered in the spotlight debut. Interpretation of the trend of the spring fashion apparel trend this year , all welcome 宾朋 and businessmen here to visit, together taste Rlosa exclusive fashion feast

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