Guangdong Foshan Shangyi Underwear Co., Ltd. is located in Yanbu Town of the South China Sea, which is named as "China's Underwear Town". It is a comprehensive professional body underwear company integrating research and development, design, production management and marketing planning. Founded in 1987, the company was established in 1987. After more than 20 years of development, the company has gradually transformed itself into a domestic-type underwear enterprise from an export-processing underwear enterprise. The company has large-scale production sites, with all kinds of advanced production equipment and a large number of senior management personnel and skilled production staff for the future leap in business laid a solid foundation.


Health, elegance, charm and fashion are the untiring pursuit of beauty for almost all women for thousands of years. Combines the style of Italian luxury fashion, taking into account the tradition of oriental women's classical elegance, making reference to the design style of new women's personality, self-confidence, thinking, adventurous, charming, sensual, experienced and other products in the new century, For the purpose of serving the " ancient Si Li, " has become a brand of the times; a countless women dream of high-end brand, celebrating sexy fashion, highlighting the charm of women and style, reflecting the unlimited light of women, so that women extraordinary achievements.

古思丽内衣 让自信与魅力绽放光芒

Whether in Italy, China or other countries, Guthrie's success has resulted in the Milan-style women, so that the world is appreciated for her unparalleled attitude, elegant, sensual. In response to the Chinese women's body characteristics and market demand, to adjust and maintain a beautiful and healthy female body as its mission, we uphold the consistent pursuit of the perfect spirit, bringing together the Italian artistic temperament, to undertake the aristocratic atmosphere of ancient Siri, the use of modern high-tech fabrics, heritage Underwear family traditional three-dimensional cutting technology, strive to excellence in every process, emphasizing every detail of the careful care of women in order to the most perfect product presentation, to bring women "comfortable adjustment and healthy maintenance" of the new dress concept, so that China Hundreds of millions of women are freed from the destruction of sponge lingerie and triangle underwear, so that confidence and charm bloom.

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