St. Keuni company was established in 1996, a clear positioning of the brand, determines the distinctive brand style, professional women 's refined and noble, reflected in the concise lines, steady colors, and stylish colors, popular elements of the embellishment will Urban women's soft, Feng Yi and filled with youth and vitality of the full interpretation of the elegance.


圣可尼女装 彻底演绎洋溢青春与朝气的雅趣

Concept of positioning - Respect for the principles of nature, simple classic, aesthetic elegance, uphold creative life, heart shaped fashion elegant concept.
Style positioning - simple, intellectual, wise, fashion, just for your attention to elegant life ,,,,,
Customer group positioning - the pursuit of intellectual and emotional close integration, and strive to reflect the elegant and romantic urban beauty of intellectual women, perception of nature and fashion, life and work in the journey confident, independent, simple and stylish, the psychological age of 25-45 years old Workplace women.
Color Positioning - Classic is the eternal theme, fashion is the most gentle touch, is playful, delightful review ,,,
Price positioning - a second-tier cities medium consumption

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