Hangzhou Shang Pajia Garments Co., Ltd., is a design, production and sales in one of the high-end brand women's enterprises. The company has a number of artistic accomplishment, social insight and unique creative design team; skilled, serious technical staff capable; high-quality, strong business ability of the sales elite; and modern management system and a strong sales network.


The company registered production of PALINA brand apparel for the implementation of long-term strategic objectives, enhance and consolidate the corporate brand of Kochi light, high reputation and market share, are very sophisticated in the choice of fabrics, all the well-known domestic manufacturers of fine fabrics and imports Fabric.


Designed to be simple, elegant, innovative and unique design as a concept for urban women to create a stylish, casual and comfortable boutique women's. Technically we have a large technical team, they work fine sophisticated, work conscientiously lean, PALINA fashion a style, a needle, all reflect the brand name style, respected by all walks of life and the vast number of consumers, especially elegant, mature Professional women of all ages.

Ceramic Cup & Mug

Tea Cups, Coffee Cup, Thermal Mug

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