Women's shoes Belle could not hold into the ** decorated e-commerce traditional clothing industry to learn "touch net"

At the meeting, Cao Lei, the director of the China E-Commerce Research Center, released the “2011 China E-Commerce Application Report in the Apparel Industry” for the first time. The report analyzes the data, development status, and business model of China's apparel e-commerce market in 2011, and conducts an in-depth dissection of typical e-commerce cases and data interpretations such as Taobao.com, Vanke Eslite, China Apparel.com, Intime.com, and GXG. It also forecasts the future development of e-commerce in the apparel industry.

The report shows that in the second quarter of 2011, the transaction volume of China's online retail market reached 192.4 billion yuan; sales of apparel products reached 44.5 billion yuan, an increase of 8% from the previous period and a year-on-year increase of 68.9%; apparel was the most popular online shopping product. The more concerned.

Apparel e-commerce suddenly rises, in front of such customers after the pursuit of soldiers, even the women's shoes such as Belle could not sit still, and on July 1 this year, Belle launched the excellent purchase network. Prior to Belle, companies such as Li Ning, Taiping Bird Costumes, Metersbonwe and others have established their own e-commerce operating companies to meet the challenges of emerging Internet companies.

In this regard, Chen Xuejun, a special researcher of the China Electronic Commerce Research Center with more than 10 years experience in clothing and textile e-commerce, said that the “touch net” of traditional clothing brands is not new. From 2008 to 2010, the annual growth rate of China's online shopping market is above 85%, which is more than four times the growth rate of domestic retail sales of social goods over the same period. The high growth trend of the online shopping market is expected to be maintained in the next five to ten years, or even fifteen years, and the market potential is very large. Chinese garment enterprises gradually extended from the "physical battlefield" to the "virtual battlefield", and the awareness of enterprises in the application of e-commerce has also been a qualitative leap.

The purchase system is the future direction of the development of clothing and e-commerce, Intime CEO Liao Bin, Masamasuo vice president Mei Shan, catwalk network CEO Ji Wenhao, Le cool days CMO Zhang Hao and a number of sudden emergence of clothing e-commerce leader shared how to do Good e-commerce experience, while Shanshan, Li Ning, Pacific Bird costumes, Ordos, Youngor and many other traditional clothing brand executives have also come to “acquisition.”

However, in the process of “touching the nets”, traditional clothing companies are not always going smoothly. Recently, Meibang Apparel announced that it was difficult to ensure profitability, the company decided to stop operating the "state purchase" e-commerce business, became the first announcement of the outage of e-commerce business of the traditional listed apparel companies.

In this regard, Yintai CEO Liao Bin said that e-commerce must be the future direction of development, but need to find a good way. Liao Bin said that at present, many Chinese e-commerce websites still remain in the realm of selling goods and discounting goods, and are still attracting the attention of netizens with low prices. The e-commerce platform and service advantages have not been well reflected. The user experience is also not good. This idea should be revised, replaced by the return of the business itself to control the merchandise, how to use better products to attract the attention of netizens, rather than rely solely on discounts.

Liao Bin analyzes that there is an essential difference between B2C and domestic department stores. Foreign e-commerce websites have good control over commodities. Most of them adopt the buying system. They have high demands on shopping malls, and the ownership of the products belongs to the mall. The traditional B2C of domestic traditional shopping malls still follows the traditional mode of joint ventures. The ownership of goods is in the hands of agents and retailers in each rental counter, and the store has only made a setter.

According to him, Yintai.com, which is currently located in the fashion B2C, has been operating for one year and expects to reach sales of 600 million by the end of the year. Intime Online's online sales use the buy-and-buy model, which will be the future direction of apparel e-commerce.

Recently, the morning of the morning of the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival held on the first day of the "2011 China's apparel industry e-commerce application summit and China's apparel industry electricity supplier procurement meeting", the traditional clothing brand enterprises, well-known clothing companies, e-commerce services More than 300 companies, including businesses, had a lively discussion on “How to embrace the wave of e-commerce?”. It is reported that this is the first national industry summit in China's apparel industry with the theme of "e-commerce applications" in recent years.

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