On the 26th, the reporter learned that under the pressure of appreciation, the vast majority of export-oriented enterprises in the island city are unable to do anything. In contrast, the import enterprises have more opportunities for development. The reduction in import costs has made this year the island. City import orders increased by more than 30%. According to the data released by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, under the changes in exchange rates, export-oriented textile companies and food processing companies in the island city are the most affected.

Export companies "shout cold"

"At present, the order is very full, and it has already reached the end of the year. However, due to the influence of many factors of uncertainty, such as the time and magnitude of *** appreciation, for a long period of time, orders for enterprises are mainly based on small orders and short orders within three months. Large long-term orders are rare.” On the 25th, Liang Xiaotong, the person in charge of the IFC Group, said that if *** continues to appreciate, the company’s survival will be extremely difficult. According to him, at present, the pricing of enterprises and customers is basically limited to the current exchange rate basis. Once the appreciation of *** is accelerated, it will directly affect corporate profits, increase the burden on enterprises, and even affect the survival of enterprises.

Like instant fate, the continued compression of profit margins is allowing exporting companies to "get in touch."

"Shout hot"

*** Appreciation directly reduces the cost of general trade imports and stimulates the import of related products. Tianma Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Jiaozhou, is a company that focuses on importing electronic operations. Since the beginning of this year, their imports have increased by more than 30%.

According to the data released by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in January-August 2011, Qingdao's general trade imports accounted for 45% of the city's imports, and mainly concentrated on the import of mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products, and the import of these products and the economic development of the area. closely related. In addition, imports of everyday items including textiles, clothing and foods will gradually increase.

The adjustment structure is the responsible person of the Foreign Trade Division of the Key Bureau of Commerce Bureau. In the face of various unfavorable factors such as the appreciation of the renminbi, rising raw materials, and increased trade protection, some export companies are seizing pressure from the pressure and difficulties, and constantly adjusting Product structure and market structure fill many factors and eliminate the profit space. In the first phase of the 109th Canton Fair just concluded, the effectiveness of the restructuring of foreign trade enterprises in the island city has been confirmed. The city's exhibitors actively researched and developed products that are energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and high-tech, and achieved more than 60% of the exhibited products as new products. With this advantage, the Qingdao Trade Group of the first session of the Canton Fair achieved a significant increase in exports. At the same time, it should also strengthen the credibility of new customers survey, actively promote the use of export credit insurance within the company, in order to avoid exchange rate risk.

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