Guangzhou Qiaoya Garments Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuozi (Industrial) Co., Ltd. It is a modern fashion women's enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Relying on leading design concepts, generous resources, people-oriented, quality, service, reputation for the purpose of more than 10 years with a large number of customers to establish a good and stable relations of cooperation, created a honesty, responsibility, efficiency and win-win Development Platform.

Choya company was born in an era of changing ideas, we always look at the forefront of fashion. The company has experienced and powerful team of designers to guide the fashion trends, the most popular international information and market pulse of the popular fusion, and continue to develop unique, highly competitive products. The company has a professional elite sales team, a sound market terminal operation and management system, a sound information management system for each dealer to provide a full range of operational services.



" Zhuozi Qiao Ya " to join the advantage
1, the channel mode: provincial agents, prefectural-level agents, county-level franchise stores;
2, AB-level franchise stores to provide self-management model to help;
3, with an international product development team, the forefront of Europe's fashion design support;
4, Own development of information distribution POS system to enhance retail management;
5, the deployment of goods within the region system, to maximize the optimization of goods, fast replenishment;
6, tailor-made joining policy to meet a variety of business needs;
7, supervisory team perennial tour in the terminal market, to give sales, display, training and other support;
8, the latest image of professional shop support, terminal VI visual help to enhance sales force.

"Zhuozi Qiao Ya" service provided
1, hand-field inspection and market analysis to ensure proper site selection.
2, analysis of investment and operating budget to ensure return on investment.
3, professional design, to ensure that the image of unity.
4, regular order will be arranged, hand assistance ordering.
5, to help plan promotion, improve sales performance.
6, to provide professional training to improve sales sales, management and service levels.
7, to provide the latest fashion trend information.

All the leather Accessories are made by hand , choosing well-selected real leather .Leather accessories are the style of fashion and fashion ,with high quality, particular influencer demographic, cutting edge,  and vintage styled.Leather accessories have moved steadily upscale. 


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