As the Diaoyu Islands incident continues to heat up, different forms of solidarity have been set off all over the country and resolutely safeguarding the territorial integrity of the country and inviolability of state sovereignty through concrete actions!

The Chinese nation has been an unyielding nation since ancient times. Never before in the long history of the river has it never overshooted the darkness and injustice in every face of provocations and wars of injustice! Although people have already had a peaceful and prosperous life that is abundant and healthy nowadays in the new millennium, all the Chinese children once again gathered together today when all the Chinese people once again faced the extremely unfriendly invasion of sovereignty from other countries. Unjust to say "no"!

Since the occurrence of the "Diaoyu incident", more and more non-governmental organizations, agencies and businessmen across the country have spontaneously devoted themselves to this incident.

During the visit to major markets, I learned that Ya Qian International Underwear Group as the underwear industry's first company to take the lead in this nation-wide patriotic action in the active participation and response, and more than 20 provinces in the country a More than 1,000 Yaqian Private Square terminal stores, hanging the "Diaoyu Islands in China, China Ya Qian" banners, in fact, to support this nationwide Diaoyu Islands! In their own way to show the heart of corporate boxing patriotism.

中国的钓鱼岛,中国的娅茜 Zhejiang Xinchang franchise stores 中国的钓鱼岛,中国的娅茜 Hubei Hongshan Carrefour store 中国的钓鱼岛,中国的娅茜 Hubei southern capital city square 中国的钓鱼岛,中国的娅茜 Hubei Zhongjia Carrefour shop

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