The early autumn is slightly cool, the soft fabric of the flannel shirt, and the solid feel, coupled with the never-ending fashion check, make it a true must-have for the 2012 fall/winter closet. This autumn and winter, Vanke Esports brings the most cutting-edge flannel designs and styles at the Milan Fashion Show to create high-quality shirts.

Milan International Textile Fabrics Fair was founded in September 2001, two times a year. It is the first international fabric exhibition opened by Italy to exhibitors from countries other than the European Community. Shirt Avenue, as the top exhibition of Italian fine shirts, has brought the most forward-looking Plaid fashion trend information to its customers for the first time.

Keywords 1: Checkerboard

Plaid shirt is the mainstream Western-style men's clothing since the middle of the 19th century. As a mainstream retro element, Scottish squares, squares, panes, etc. have become essential items for the 2012 Autumn Winter T stage. However, various variants of the checkerboard will be the most popular elements of the autumn and winter of 2012. In August, in the flannel shirts sold on the Vanguard platform, the chessboard has emerged as the first choice for male and female users.

Of course, if you want to stand alone, it does not matter, where passengers and 200 patterns from Italy's top fabric exhibition will pick you.

Key words 2: ultramarine 2012 autumn and winter Europe What is the true color of the trend? From the top fabric exhibition in Italy, the flower pattern “Ultramarine”! Where the guest flannel is applied to the background of checkered flannel shirts, so that the ancient lattice glows a fashionable and modern atmosphere. Vivid color matching brings new and exciting results to the entire visual.

Indeed, the colors blue and red are the favorite choices of consumers, and it has always been the market for clothing businesses. Followed by classic black and white ash, khaki, yellow and green.

In August, the sales statistics of thin and light flannel shirts pushed by customers were mainly listed on the best-selling charts in both men's and women's models. Among them, sales of men's models exceeded 3,000, and individual models went online. Sold for more than 20 days.

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