This site on October 18 hearing, the fall of 2012 entered the era of elegant new mature, skirt lyrical taste became the main theme of this season. An elegant dress is enough for you to become a noble temperament mature woman, allowing you to disseminate their own unique charming temperament. The following Xiaobian brings you several skirts to match, to meet different styles of you.

Wearing a particularly lightweight and comfortable dress, horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes combine perfectly with casual style

Wearing a particularly light and comfortable dress, horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes combine to create a casual style. The wrinkling treatment of the waist can also cover the flesh. The overall slimming is very feminine.

Clear and natural print dress, deciduous decor is quite appropriate

A printed dress that is quite clear and natural, the decoration of fallen leaves is quite suitable, and the configuration of the belt at the waist enhances the slimming effect.

Dignified and meticulous check elements dress, fresh and natural self-cultivation effect

A dignified and meticulous checkered element dress, fresh and natural self-cultivation effect, slightly retro style, white bottoming shirt with chic and elegant.

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