Zhong Wang Garment Co., Ltd. is a design, production and sale of " Mommy family " brand of pregnant women clothing and pregnant women supplies Industrial Company. The company based on the Chinese women 's capital - Humen, behind the possession of Hong Kong, Paris, South Korea and other foreign fashion trends, grasp the latest trend of fashion design information at home and abroad to high-quality, environmental protection, green health standards, to explore and promote pregnant women Fashion brand development. "Adhering to create business for partners and create benefits for the community" business philosophy for the partners to create a high-return, low-risk investment environment, by taking diligent, pragmatic and innovative corporate culture, let us hand in hand with the franchisee, Work together to create a perfect fashion, advocate green, healthy and environmentally friendly fashion life.


2. Brand positioning: Mummy family pregnant women brand positioning - 25-35 years old 80 after 80: rebel. Unique. Self-center. Fashion style. Individuality Zhang Yang. Pursue the perfection Mummy family should be the fashion capital of China, into Hong Kong, South Korea, Paris and other exotic most fashionable frontline, to master the latest fashion design information at home and abroad, tailored specifically for the 80, so that each prospective Mommy not deliberately, not drift, with personal style and unique charm !!

3. Mommy family brand culture: life is nothing more noble and more worthy of cherishing than the childcare process, with the birth of life, Mommy much attention, the image of the main costumes, but unfortunately the brand of domestic maternity dress is positive In the faltering stage, although gradually recognized by the mothers, but embarrassing that almost maternity wear brand just stay in the stage of being recognized. Careful care Mommy, the introduction of maternity wear, careful consideration of safety, health, comfort, fashion; its break the traditional, to create stylish, classic, simple, green, healthy new pregnant women fashion brand.

4. Business philosophy: Mommy family: emphasis on freedom and self-emphasis on self-style style in order not to deliberate. Does not follow the crowd to express the unique style and creativity! -------- Mommy family: invites you to join. Jin; common development, create a win-win situation


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