In early November, ABC Children's Wear “Warm China Line” public welfare season entered Guizhou Bijie, which indicates that ABC Children’s Wear “Warm China Line” public welfare officially opened. It is reported that starting this month, ABC Children's Wear “Warm China” will also join the Warm Current Charity Fund, the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, the China Children’s Charity Relief Fund, and other charitable organizations that have social credibility and will gradually enter the revolution in many provinces across the country. Old districts and poverty-stricken areas send warmth to poor children left behind.

Warming China, ABC Children's Wear "warm China" public welfare season opened

It is understood that as the leading brand of Chinese children's shoes and apparel, ABC children's clothing has always been adhering to the "because of love" concept, has been actively involved in public welfare for many years. In the middle of this month, ABC Children's Wear entered the first leg of the “warm China trip” public welfare season in Guizhou’s Bijie. Due to its remote location, children here have to go far to go to school. A large number of left-behind children cannot get timely warmth in the winter and often suffer from cold because they do not receive personal care from their parents. After understanding this situation, ABC KIDS and China Children's Society sent ABC KIDS shoes to more than 1,200 students in 9 local schools. The donation activity was assisted by China Children's Association Care Home.

Warming China, ABC Children's Wear "warm China" public welfare season opened

A member of the accompanying love family recorded the warmth of Laung Tong Primary School in Machang Town. "On November 16, 2015, after a half-hour rush," finally arrived at Laotang Primary School. The entire primary school of Laotang Elementary School only has four classes of preschool, first grade, second grade and fourth grade, but more than half are left-behind children. Therefore, the “Warm China trip” in Bijie, Guizhou Province not only sent the warmth of ABC KIDS, but also carried out support activities. Through artistic classes such as art classes, magic lessons, and spiritual growth game classes, the children of left-behind children will be cared for spiritually, let them feel the warmth of winter in a spiritual level, and experience the love of the society.

The “Warm China Travel” charity season is a continuation of ABC Children’s Wear’s public welfare undertakings. It is another charity act of ABC Children’s Wear after participating in “Promise of Hope”, “New Year New Clothes”, “Free Lunch” and other public welfare projects. Next, ABC Children's Wear will continue to join hands with “Warm China” to send warmth to Jiangxi and Gansu. Because of love, we believe in faith. Even if the wind is cold and the weather is bad, we can warm each other and warm the winter - because of love, the winter is warm.

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