Everything is preparing for today, and all goodness starts today. Because today, our Aliki brand women's clothing Jiangmen Xinhui shop dress up, our franchisees formally own their own new store, become the boss, the previous efforts in return for today's success, all are worth it. Here, I congratulate the opening of the new store, business is booming, performance booming!


There is no very luxurious decoration layout, using a clean and tidy European style, giving a simple atmosphere feeling. At the same time also more clearly show the fashion models new clothes. Balloon decoration seems to make the whole shop to become more warm and become more affinity. Into the Yee Li store as it is in their own dressing room, quietly enjoy it!



Whether you are a petite adorable sister or a tall woman with a high temperament, you can find out what you are looking for in Elvira because we design different styles of clothes for girls of different stature, Own unique charm and elegance.

New store opened, a lot of concessions, small partners to act now!

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