"Jewelry Fan" came to see you as soon as possible.

Here, you can see the spark of collision between each piece of jewelry and the owner.

Today we invited the third guest, Ms. Gao Shenghan,

To share the story that has to be said between her and jewelry...


Graduated from the most prestigious art school in the country, the actor is one of the earliest identification labels of Gao Shengxin. However, her role has long since turned from an actor to a business person. In fact, Gao Sheng letter not only has a firm plan for his career, she also reveals her own personality and attitude in all aspects of life.

The road to performing arts has changed from the road of business

“I was interested in business when I was at school.”

The handsome, high-profile Goldman Sachs letter has not been favored before graduation. In addition to her ups and downs in some competitions, her campaign endorsements and advertising shoots followed, and she also successfully participated in the TV series after graduation. In the eyes of many people, continuing to be an actor is the "normal" development of the script, but Gao Shengxin has chosen the road to business.

She explained that “the company that touched a lot of advertisements and endorsements during schooling also became interested in business and sales.” Slowly, she knew what she thought about her business. In addition, she needs to go out often when she is filming. After she gets married and has children, she simply walks away, does not film, and concentrates on studying business knowledge to help her husband manage the business. Today, she also has her own company, planning business activities, promoting products, attending important social occasions... a business woman.

The concept of jewelry business is also the embodiment of her personality

“Jewelry represents the personality and attitude of the wearer.”

The high-sacred letter of the firm has been working with Italian artisanal jewelers more than five years ago to set up its own jewelry brand marvelli, which has been in business for three years. The reason why she chose to be a jewelry brand, Gao Shengxin explained that in addition to the commercial sense of smell from her husband and her husband, “because women’s love for jewelry is natural”. She even incorporated the jewellery style of her favorite design and exaggeration into the product style.

"Jewelry can really add to the styling and temperament of women." When it comes to the attraction of jewellery to women, Gao Shengxin first talked about its decorative effect. “My route to the event is biased towards an elegant style. In many cases, I also choose to use jewelry as a finishing touch for style.” She is excited to share her jewelry wear. However, for the love of jewelry, she is not only addicted to the materialization of the material. She always felt that jewelry should also be a symbol of self-personality and attitude. Therefore, when she manages her own brand, she also hopes to convey the concept that “jewel represents the wearer's personality and attitude. Jewelry that suits her personality and temperament makes people feel comfortable is the best”.

Privately, she is loyal to the most simple self in her heart.

"Be the person you like, do what you want to do"

Unloading the work, the private high sacred letter still adheres to the principle of loyalty to the heart. Love has shared her life on Weibo. She wrote this sentence: "Be the person you like, do what you want to do." In her spare time, she often chooses easy and simple ways, such as traveling, tea, wine and food, and even a few drinks at home and girlfriends to find the most simple self.

Privately, she is still a collector of jewellery and will buy favorite jewellery through many channels. Usually, she is also very happy to share the channels of jewellery and jewelry matching skills with her girlfriends and friends. "After all, people who have done jewelry, although not as concerned about it now, but there are still some small 'occupational diseases' left," Gao Shengxin said with a smile. In her collection, there are many simple necklaces. In recent years, Caibao has become her heart. "I prefer bright colors at this age, especially emeralds, fresh and elegant. Compared to younger, the style does not pursue exaggeration and complexity, simple and best." Faced with the passing of time, many people are very emotional Gao Sheng's letter still lives as he wants.

She is private...

Although I like to collect jewelry that can be collected everywhere, I think that the jewelry with memories and stories is the most worthy of collection. The favorite is the wedding necklace that my husband designed for me. Although the design is not professional, it has his own style. And this necklace was born during our preparation for the establishment of our own jewelry brand. When I saw this necklace, I remembered that when Mr. was busy designing and producing finished products, he also remembered the time we struggled together. Such jewelry filled with emotions and memories is the most precious treasure for me.

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