It is necessary to use - from the upper and lower lighting 1 to avoid the appearance of the smudges visible in the viewer's lnet mapbook1 when the city night scene is beautified, as the urban landmark building's exterior lighting is a main content, its lighting Good or bad directly affects the night lighting effect of the entire city. However, the ancient architecture that inherits civilization is also an important part of reflecting the urban cultural style. In the construction of urban night lighting, it must not be handled at will. Only by properly handling the overall and partial relationship between the ancient building elements, the building complex and its surrounding environment and the night view of the entire city, so that it can truly coordinate and unify, fully display the cultural heritage and characteristics of the city, and create a glamorous light. world.

In recent years, we have been able to make a variety of attempts to illuminate the night scenes of ancient buildings and buildings, and get some benefits and inspiration from them.

1 Principles of exterior lighting for ancient buildings: Choosing the right ancient buildings is not all ancient buildings can be implemented with exterior lighting, and it is not necessary to implement all exterior lighting in the ancient buildings. , to avoid all aspects."

The planning and individual design of the exterior lighting of ancient buildings should have a holistic concept. The intensity and color of light should be coordinated with the surrounding environment and the status of the objects in the environment.

Ancient buildings that implement exterior lighting should pay attention to the proportional relationship between their own scale and environmental spatial scale.

Architectural exterior lighting is generally divided into three dimensions; namely, human scale, street scale, and city scale. Coordinated consideration should be given to the coordination of the three scales, paying attention to capturing the best vision of pedestrians in order to obtain good lighting effects.

The lighting direction of the exterior lighting of the ancient building and the lamps used should prevent glare, minimize spillage and stray light, and it is best not to dye. All luminaires and ancillary equipment should be properly concealed and protected from damage, creating the effect of seeing the light without seeing the light. Considering the effect of lighting, pay more attention to its whiteness.

2 Ancient building exterior lighting precautions: Ancient architecture is a special architectural form. Its shape and structure are different from modern architecture. They have no reserved lamp positions, and the building materials are mostly brick and wood, and some have exquisite wood carvings. And precious paintings. The night lighting of ancient buildings must show these characteristics while rationally designing and installing lighting fixtures to achieve the lighting effect while satisfying the protection of ancient buildings and the integrity of the appearance.

Properly expressing the characteristics of ancient buildings combined with the characteristics of ancient buildings, the key parts of ancient architectural lighting need to be the roofs, cornices, arches, painted, beams, doors, windows and verandas of buildings, in different ancient buildings, various details Lighting performance should be chosen, the important part is to focus on lighting treatment, the secondary part is used as the background and foil in the lighting, using the color and light and shadow changes, so that the lighting effect is clear and orderly.

Electrical safety, meeting fire protection requirements Most ancient buildings are made of wood, and because of the age, it is easy to cause fire, and should pay enough attention to fire prevention.

3 Basic Ways of Ancient Architectural Lighting There are three basic ways of lighting in ancient buildings: large-area light-emitting lighting is characterized by a wide range of illumination, and the entire building can be uniformly illuminated by reasonable lighting settings; The building has a certain distance, and the electrical construction of the lighting does not damage the building itself, and can meet the requirements of safety fire prevention and complete appearance of the building. The disadvantage is that the installation of the pole requires a certain spatial distance, which cannot be realized when the distance between the buildings is small; the large area of ​​the light is cast, but it cannot express the details of the building, because the ancient Chinese architecture itself is far-reaching and arched. If the structure of the components is complicated, it will definitely form shadows on the eaves and doors and windows. In the use of high-power floodlights, if it is not handled properly, it will easily form glare and damage the light environment. This lighting method is only suitable for observation points from buildings. Far away or the viewer cannot access the illuminated building.

Small-area floodlighting uses low-powered floodlights to place fixtures near buildings or directly on buildings. This type of lighting is easy to control light, highlighting the areas of the building that need to be highlighted; the use of light and shadow and changes in light and dark can further reveal the characteristics of ancient buildings. The disadvantage is that the facilities of the lighting equipment easily affect the appearance of the building, and the heat of the lamps poses a certain threat to the safety of the ancient buildings.

The use of this type of illumination can be compensated for by reducing the power of the light source, reducing the surface temperature of the luminaire and the dimensions of the luminaire and properly concealing the luminaire to compensate for the shortcomings of this type of illumination, such as new lighting fixtures such as fiber optic illumination and LED light-emitting diodes. Provided favorable conditions.

Contour lighting uses a linear light source or a line of point light sources to outline the contours of the building, the frame of the door and the window or the ridge line. Contour lighting is a very effective means of expressing the combination of shapes and lines of ancient buildings. The advantage of contour lighting is mainly due to its independent installation relative to the surrounding environment. Since all the installation points are set, the connection is simplified on the building. The disadvantage is that the installation and maintenance costs are large; there are many fixing points at or near the protruding corners, which increases the risk of lamp damage or functional degradation; since the lighting fixtures are installed on the surface of the building, in many viewing positions, the change has been made. Building the landscape during the day.

In contour lighting, the ancient building with glossy materials or dark diffuse reflective materials should be self-illuminating with light hooks. The self-illuminating light has the following types: * Continuously installed into a light strip at a certain interval by using an ordinary incandescent lamp or a compact fluorescent lamp; + Continuously mounting a neon tube or a cold cathode tube of different diameters and colors to form a light strip, using different tubes Diameter and color of the beautiful light or rainbow tube, plastic neon), continuous installation to form the light strip; d with different diameter of the side of the light-emitting optical fiber and light guide, continuous installation along its contour; e light-emitting diode Led), available A single piece of LED is assembled along its contour; a straight tube type fluorescent tube or other linear luminescent material is continuously mounted along its contour to form a light strip.

However, simple contour lighting is not good for representing the details of ancient buildings, so it is often combined with contour lighting and floodlighting.

On May 29th, the 3rd Zhejiang International Lighting Appliances Hangzhou Exhibition held at the Zhejiang Agricultural Exhibition Center Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition Center was postponed due to the impact of the atypical pneumonia epidemic. We have carefully considered and consulted all parties. After that, the exhibition will be scheduled for August 20, 2003 to 4 ancient building exterior lighting examples)) Nanjing Drum Tower has a long history of Nanjing Drum Tower), using the combination of contour lighting and floodlighting lighting, using LED light source Contour lighting, focusing on the shape of the building roof, clear details such as cornices and arches; the lower part of the building is a brick wall structure, with metal halide lamps for large-area floodlighting, and the details of doors and windows are displayed together in the whole. Strong sense of hierarchy.

Shenyang Imperial Palace Archway Qing Dynasty Nurhachi Palace Shenyang Imperial Palace "is located on Shenyang Road, as the center, all the buildings on the street have been converted into an antique building that expresses the 'Ming and Qing architectural style', forming a famous imitation of a street" map about Hangzhou Exhibition Notice of the time of each exhibitor and collaborating unit: Thank you very much for your company's exhibition of the Shenyang Imperial Palace. It is a typical wooden structure, rich in painting, vivid mouthwash, arching, using optical fiber as the light source, and better solved the building's Fire prevention problems, at the same time, emphasize the details to achieve lifelike lighting effects.

Between the two arches of Wendefang and Wugongfang in the Forbidden City, the light environment of the Forbidden City, the dragon lamp representing the emperor's dragon lamp, and the antiques are combined to create the light environment of the 'the corner of the Forbidden City'. Nurhachi’s glory is extraordinary, don’t have an old taste.

When lighting the exterior of an ancient building, it should be based on the architectural style, structural features and surrounding environment of the ancient building, and strive to create a characteristic and historical light environment that allows people to fully appreciate the ancient culture. Enjoy modern technology and art

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