Investing in gems, not only to buy a rare beauty, the appreciation of space, market stability is also the reason why jewelry is called a new investment. At present, in the colored gem market, the increase of some popular gemstones is about 30%~100% per year. It is worthwhile to ask what gemstones are worth investing, of course, those who can help you earn money back and forth every year!

2 carat ruby

One year increase = LV Petite Malle Soft soft box

Ruby is the king of colored gemstones, and the three strengths of ruby ​​that allow her to stabilize the throne in the gem world are beautiful, stable, durable and extremely rare.

1 The ultimate red is unique: the most precious and rare color in ruby ​​is the pigeon blood red. This red is pure and beautiful, symbolizing passion, vitality, vitality and warm and loyal love.

2 nature is stable enough to pass on: ruby ​​has a stable molecular structure, high hardness and high heat resistance. Ruby has a Mohs hardness of 9, which is the second hard natural gem next to diamonds. Moreover, the ruby ​​is very heat-resistant and can withstand the high temperature of 2000 degrees without changing the color, so the ruby ​​is not afraid of the external environment, enough to spread to the world.

3 Extremely rare: The ruby ​​that is perfect in all aspects of color, clarity and weight is very rare. Only one can be produced in every 1000 original stones. The bigger the carat, the more valuable it is. A perfect ruby, the price can be much higher than the diamond, the appreciation space is also very stable, and the annual value added is almost doubled.

3 carat sapphire

One year increase = T letter platinum ring

Sapphire is one of the world's top five gemstones. It has been loved by the royal family for thousands of years. The engagement ring of the British Diana and Kate is a sapphire ring. It can be seen that sapphire is enough to be a heirloom and passed down from generation to generation.

In addition to the traditional blue sapphire accident, corundum except red is called colored sapphire, so the sapphire family is colorful and the color is not unique. Among the sapphire family, sapphire in three colors is the most precious:

1 The cornflower sapphire from Kashmir is the rarest, and now it is completely mine. The cornflower sapphire on the market is rare and sells at a high price.

2 The most famous sapphire on the market today is Royal Blue, which is rich in color, noble and elegant; now it is orthodox in sapphire, and the appreciation space is very large;

3, known as "Lotus Corundum" Papalacha powder orange sapphire color dreams, production is also very rare, rare in the market.

3 to 4 carat emerald

One year increase = European luxury tour

Emerald is nicknamed "Grandma Green" by many gem lovers, and the status of the gem of the "Grandma" is also the hall level. Emerald is a very ancient gem. It has a long history to use her to trace human civilization. The nobleness and value of emeralds are like a chaotic beauty with a unique charm.

1 fragile and strong: emerald hardness is 7.5, soft and not bumpy. The emerald's soft structure also makes her extremely easy to fission, so some emeralds are immersed in oil, and the degree of emerald soaking is also a proof of its quality. The oil-free emerald is the most precious, and very little oil. It is also the investment preference.

2 Scarcity of resources: Emerald resources are scarce, and mining is very difficult, and things are rare, and her rareness makes emerald the most precious and rare gem.

3 solid position: emerald has a difficult position in the gem world, many international brands have designed classic styles for emeralds. Hollywood celebrity stars have worn emeralds, which also shows that the preciousness of emeralds is favored by every noble woman.

More than one carat of opal

One year's increase = Chanel tweed coat

Among the gold emeralds, opal is one of the most well-known and popular members of the world, and is among the top five precious stones in the world. To invest in cat eyes, keep the following three points in mind.


1 The stone with the cat's eye effect is not necessarily the cat's eye: many gemstones have a cat's eye effect, but only the gold emerald cat's eye can stand the name of "cat's eye".

2 cat eyes have magical power: cat eyes are also a noble gem, the price is not inferior to emeralds, rubies, and opal natural eyeliner is a wonder in nature. The opal has a powerful and unique atmosphere. She can enhance people's courage, confidence, luck and predictive ability, so that people can make correct judgments in time.

3 Cat eye resources are scarce, production is scarce: cat eye resources are very scarce, yield is small, and has a high investment value. Especially the cat's eye of more than two carats, seeing is a kind of luck.

5 carats rupee, watermelon tourmaline

One year's increase = no longer afraid that Apple products will be released once every six months.

Rubilite, the name of Rubi Lebi, means "ruby-like." Lubile tourmaline is different from ordinary red tourmaline. Only when the color reaches a magnificent and rich red color can it be called rupee to tourmaline. The real Ruby is now less and less, very precious, standing in the tourmaline community and of high value.

Another popular star in the tourmaline family is the watermelon tourmaline. The interior is blushing, and the exterior is blue-green with her red, green and green watermelons. The watermelon tourmaline that can reach the gem level is actually very rare, so it is also very precious. In addition to the beautiful color, watermelon tourmaline also has the effect of preventing radiation and releasing negative oxygen ions. It is said that the watermelon coffin is placed under the cichlid pillow.

Warm feelings: In the past few years, the tourmaline market has been popular, but many bad businesses have taken the opportunity to sell fake tourmalines at high prices to friends who don’t know how to make high profits. So smiles remind the fans to buy tourmaline. Look for formal businesses and certificates. (If you don't know how to authenticate the certificate, please add my WeChat ID: ecatvip111)

One to two carats of mahenge hot powder spinel

One year's increase = sea blue mystery full skin care products

Spinel is the fastest growing gem in recent years. Although she is beautiful and unusual, she is always not well-known. The reason why the red spinel is too similar to the ruby ​​is that the best impostor in history will emerge in a year or two and the price will soar.

Among all the colors of spinel, the most promising is not the red spinel, but the mahenge hot powder spinel produced in Tanzania. She is charming and tempting, with a hint of orange in the pink, the fire is very bright, and the innermost is pure and no variegated.

Five to eight carats of aquamarine

One year increase = coachswagger bag

Aquamarine is from the beryl family. She is noble and beautiful, and makes people feel happy. Aquamarine corresponds to the "throat wheel" of the human body and has a protective effect on the respiratory system. The biggest grievance of aquamarine is wrongly considered to be crystal. However, in terms of hardness, aquamarine has 7.5, but the hardness of the crystal is only 7. The use of aquamarine as a crystal underestimates her value.


Aquamarine, also known as mermaid stone, is considered to be the ambassador of Poseidon, the ambassador of the beautiful mermaid, in Western mythology. In the culture of the East and the West, water is the source of life, which means that the courage, intelligence, and calm aquamarine are used as sacred objects when praying to the sea god.

Two to three carats of magnesia

One year increase = roseonly rose long box

Magnesium-aluminum garnet is one of the most popular garnet families, the most beautiful and bright, passionate. She is brightly colored, with colors such as purple, rose, and bright red. It is a good investment choice for the perfect magnesium garnet that inherits the high purity of garnet.


Five to eight carats of ametrine

One year increase = Zuma 珑 perfume, fragrance set

Ametrine contains divalent iron ions in two colors, and also has the advantages of amethyst and citrine. Amethyst contains a huge amount of energy, enabling people to have the ability to control their own destiny, clear-headed and intelligent, and strong learning ability. Because of the powerful magnetic field and beautiful magical colors of amethyst, the popularity has increased in recent years, and the value has risen.

Emerald = immeasurable

Liu Xiaoqing once said that even if she fails one day, her millions of jadeites will make her come back. A good jade can be said to be an invaluable treasure, enough to be handed down. Jade is also a psychic jade, the so-called "three years of human jade, jade people for a lifetime", the trace elements contained in jade can keep the skin full and moist, have a beauty effect, and have a maintenance effect on the heart and lung system.


The emerald contains enormous value, the auction house has repeatedly paid a high price, and the correct investment in jade, remember these points:

1, jade is thick and warm, preferably too thin jade can not be invested, many bits of scrap.

2, true and false can not be easily bought, the formal, authentic certificate is essential when investing in jade.

3, the color is pure, the texture is moderately moist, it is a good jade, the color of the jade with too much impurities in the color is not high, do not invest easily.

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