SZgood women face the vitality and vitality of 20-35-year-old urban fashion women, integration of urban fashion women's individual leisure elements, and relaxed, free Internet culture perfect combination of attention to detail changes in the design and the overall mix of subtle rather than assertive, Highlight the new era of urban women's unique temperament and personality flying.


Korean version of the winter fashion Slim was thin stitching zipper trim woolen jacket, winter fashion new woolen jacket, version of awesome, very complex workmanship coat, plush decoration charming, zipper decoration, handsome handsome, full zipper partition decoration Line, with a beam waist, the significant feminine.

SZgood女装  凸显新时代都市女性的独有气质

Winter new Korean color spell zipper flannel short jacket, a very high-end autumn and winter coat, superior design sense, unique fashion personality tailoring, sense of design oblique collar, shoulders, clean neat hem contour, Is the designer's iconic design elements to become an unparalleled fashion magic, even if not pull the zipper open as the gas field as strong enough, layered, casual atmosphere, and fashion personality!

Polyester Fancy Yarn Cotton Like, in appearance, it is changed the density of single fiber and adopts special double-helix cross-section shape. In performance, it adds special third component to improve the dyeability, moisture absorbency and moisture transfer ability. It is similar to cotton fabric in appearance and hand feelings.


Polyester Fancy Yarn Cotton Like

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