De Anfang underwear to create comfortable, high quality and healthy fashion products, tailored to a woman's self-confidence, the achievements of each woman's desire for a beautiful image, inspire women to show the most unique and beautiful inside, modern women's attitude towards life as the core. The brand insists on creating a beautiful and fashionable design concept for its customers, pursues the organic integration of oriental elements and the international fashion, and strives to establish an international high-end brand image with Chinese fashion style.


Fresh and natural cream bra, more suitable for young MM wear, deep V design highlights women sexy charming, big show business line.

德安芳内衣 清新自然风打造清甜MM

Leopard is usually a wild feeling of wild, but this Leopard underwear has a trace of cute taste, and lace splicing fusion just right.

Disperse Print Microfiber Fabrics Item

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