Guerlain poem located in the retro and refined poetry, fashion is not an exaggeration, introverted soft, obsessed with England, immersed in new romantic style, is fashionable, young, soft, romantic, easy to match. Brand for many women brought both soft and not weak, both professional and not rigid, both sexy and unobtrusive concept of dress to meet the work, dating, ARTY, vacation, and even casual sports and other urban life at all levels, no matter when Where are the most beautiful, most charming personality of the beautiful.

娇兰.诗蔓2013春夏装 高腰线穿出超模好身材

Emerald high waist line skirt to create elegant intellectual Look, white simple atmosphere, collar silver sequins design to break the dull feeling.

娇兰.诗蔓2013春夏装 高腰线穿出超模好身材

High waist wide leg pants stretch the leg curve, sapphire exudes a cool and elegant temperament, so that no metal sequins look designed to make Look more texture.

  • Our best-in-warmth, classic style found in homes and hotels around the world for over 20 years; Versatile, year-round use
  • SOFTNESS: Velvety texture on both sides; Great as queen bedspread or throw blanket for couch
  • INSULATION: High-quality, soft, no-pill 
  • EASY CARE: Machine wash before use, then every 6 months per care instructions for best results, long-lasting wear, and softness wash after wash
  • DIMENSIONS: king/queen/full/kids size are avaible

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