The temperature in the city began to rise, and with the rolling heat, the summer atmosphere gradually became stronger.

Just recently, many of my authors have consulted the author about the purchase of car mats. I am also very impressed by the fact that everyone's quality of life has improved and they have become car owners who pursue quality of life.

When you mention the car's cool pad, I believe that everyone is deeply impressed. The reason is that there is no shortage of it. Basically, there are many brands, a wide variety of materials, and the quality is also good or bad. Basically, there is no way to start, or buy it back and use it more and more. In order to solve everyone's doubts, the author collected, sorted and consulted the relevant experts of the well-known auto supplies company Anji Huang Hat in Shanghai, and made some classifications on the materials of the current car cool mats on the market. Cool pad riders provide reference.

At present, the car cool pad that can be seen on the market is divided into materials, which can be basically divided into linen, ice silk, bamboo mat, bamboo charcoal, silk and so on. According to experts, the cushion of linen can be called Natural materials, so the pursuit of healthy and environmentally friendly car friends can consider the cool pad of linen material, the need to pay attention to the content of linen when purchasing, the higher the quality is relatively better, of course, the price may be slightly higher .

Relatively affordable, you can consider ice silk cushions. I have learned from the current Anji Yellow Hat 2010 Cool Mat Festival activities that there are several ice silk cooling pads in the YELLOWHAT brand that they promoted only need 388 yuan/set, which is indeed Very economical (Anji Huang hat is a subsidiary of SAIC Group, the after-sales service and the quality of the products sold can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.), but according to the introduction is limited sales, so there is a need for the riders to catch up early Or, maybe you will run a mile.

The cool pad of the two materials mentioned above is the most popular and most popular car cool pad on the market. You can enjoy your attention and purchase according to your own preferences.

In addition, the author thinks that due to the coming of summer, when the riders drive out, the air-conditioner is closed more and more. In this case, I suggest that you riders, when you buy a car cool pad, don’t forget the air conditioner for your car. The system does a test. (After turning on the air conditioner, if there is any smell in the air outlet, don't forget to find a professional car beauty shop to do the sterilization of the air conditioning system.) This allows everyone to enjoy a healthier driving environment.

Finally, the author learned at Anji Huang Hat that their 2010 cool pad festival will last until June 15th. The hypermarket-style sales atmosphere will allow you to choose. The needy riders can go and see. Uncertainty can also find a lot of surprises, such as: Bangbo brand cool pad and then send a pair of Disney cushions, Baixiang brand cool pad and then send cooking oil.