Shanghai Wei Ai Garments Co., Ltd. is a partner of BRIAN.BARRY. Veyes owns the brand for the company. In 2009, the company officially opened up the Chinese market. The company takes creativity as its soul, and it is multi-utility-oriented. It integrates design, production, sales, service and apparel brand operations. In 2010, he cooperated with MIRKO MAZZETTO, a famous Italian Louis Vuitton (LV) designer. Drawing on the romance of French costumes and the classic elements of Italian costumes, combined with the creative concept of VEYES, a fusion of Chinese and Western costumes and dressed cultures, intertwined with the unique style of multiple styles.

Consumer Description: An attractive and spiritual woman.
Customer age: 25-35 years old.
Target customers: Modern people with medium and high spending power, elegant temperament, stylish taste, pursuing wear and advocating urban life.
Consumer groups: urban beauty, superior girls, corporate white-collar workers, and lovely women.
Product style positioning: Diversified personalized \ precision color \ considerate practical \ implicit luxury sense \ playful maturity \ temptation impact \ unique feminine. Brand Positioning:
Dynamic and lively, dignified fashion.
Goals: To become the most sought after apparel brand of modern women: Make women attractive and innocent girls: optimistic, perfect, pioneering, honest

Consumer Group Description:
They are urban new families. Like an elf from the Unreal world. Resolutely subverting the traditional aesthetic vision they are superior girls. However, the world outside of the flourishing world is full of freshness and ambition waiting for the unknown experience.
They are company white-collar workers. Both beauty and wisdom, style, honor and disgrace are not surprising, style generous free and easy.
They are lovely women. With the original innocence back to the original, beautiful is not gaudy, cute and not complicated.
They are girls who are refined and exude charm, moving and spiritual women.

VEYES is tailor-made for the happiness of today's women with precise colors, superb craftsmanship, and unpredictable pop in the design. Advocate the concept of "having style that is more important than fashion". The clothing is full of casual and comfortable and rich Han culture unique style and unique pursuit of modern high-grade life.


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