According to Cai Ting underwear brand is Dongguan City Cai Ting Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. underwear brand. In 2010, the company implemented a new underwear affiliate policy, value concessions, and franchisee win.

The next five years, China's underwear market contains at least 500 billion business opportunities, Cai Ting ten years focus on the industry precipitation, mid-range lingerie brand mainstay, joined by underwear brand underwear joined franchise, and you work together to create wealth road.


Joining underwear brand underwear joined the chain shop easily.

According to Cai Ting underwear brand to join the temptation policy:

Open according to mining Ting mini shop (15 square - 19 square), investment 38,000 to obtain headquarters support 110,000;

According to the opening of the basic Ting Ting (20 square - 29 square), 48,000 investment that is supported by headquarters;

In accordance with Cai Ting standard shop (30 square feet or more), 68,000 investment headquarters to receive 210,000;

According to Cai Ting flagship store (50 square or more), the investment of 128,000 to obtain headquarters support 380,000;

依采婷内衣加盟火热进行中 加盟新政策优惠多多(图)

According to Cai Ting underwear brand joining advantages!

According to a strong advertising by Ting-ting, so that any franchisee joined by the underwear-joining brand can readily earn money.

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