As the country's largest distribution center for apparel production and trading, Guangzhou will have its own apparel copyright trading center. Recently, the Guangzhou International Fashion Trade and Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as “FTC”) and the “European and Korean Clothing Boutique Pavilion” officially opened. At the same time, the Guangzhou Garment Copyright Trading Center was formally established. The center will provide clothing designers with clothing display and apparel copyright trading venues, and promote the conversion of designers and apparel manufacturers to the benefit of the docking and design results. It is reported that COCO, HAPPY CHANCE, D have been attracted. Nearly 200 designer clothing brands such as Asleey entered China, Europe and South Korea, among which Korean brands accounted for 60%.

Guangdong lacks famous independent brands. “Guangdong has no shortage of excellent clothing designers, but has not translated the advantages of these designers into brand resources.” At the inauguration ceremony, Zhu Qingguo, director of Liuhua Liuhua World Trade Trading Center Liuhua Company, said that many designers and The cooperation of the clothing business owners did not play their due advantages, and many companies still do not pay enough attention to apparel design, making the style of Guangdong's clothing brands difficult to set. The establishment of the Guangzhou Garment Copyright Trading Center will hopefully change this situation.

Li Kailuo, a renowned fashion industry economics research expert, also believes that although the brand awareness of Guangdong apparel companies has been continuously strengthened in recent years, they currently compete mainly with international brands through low-cost advantages, and lack the real sense of international apparel brands. "Among enterprises mainly low-level mutual imitation and plagiarism, short-sighted. At the same time, local governments also lack a strong industrial base guidance over the pursuit of enterprises 'quantity' while ignoring the enterprises 'quality'." He said. with the increasing openness of the apparel market, competition is increasing, Liuhua clothing is experiencing a shift from the traditional single brand competition to brand competition sub-brand of the group; from traditional racking our brains to build brand systematic Brand management transformation.

Assisting the promotion of independent design capabilities The sluggish market, slowing sales, and rising costs have led Liuhua Garment Wholesale to the “big inventory” era. Since the first half of this year, garment enterprises in the Guangzhou Liuhua-Mining District generally reflected fewer orders or fewer orders, lower profits, and greater pressure for survival. However, a survey by the reporter found that a considerable number of companies have the ability to design their own research and development capabilities, have their own marketing channels and teams, and have a good brand development. However, with the general shrinkage of other people's business volume, they have achieved good development.

In this regard, Li Kailuo said that in the past by designing a beautiful LOGO, from a loud name or design "explosive models" hit the era of the brand is gone forever. Self-owned brand building involves scientific operation such as technology research and development, brand promotion, market sales, after-sales service, company management, etc. It is a systematic project that requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. These are not affordable for general enterprises. He stressed that "so the government must establish a platform to support enterprises to create a brand." Prior to this, the government of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City has proposed to integrate various resource elements of the Liuhua-Mining Clothing Park, and to increase research and development, design, creativity, display and marketing efforts. , Occupy the high-end nodes of the apparel industry chain and value chain, realize the high-end to drive the low-end, and realize the promotion of the entire apparel industry chain.

It is reported that in order to more systematically promote the Liuhua apparel industry towards China's design and creation, Liuhua Business Circle will also set up an "international designer club" and "international popular information research room" in the FTC, inviting the fashion industry designers associations of various countries to station. , Participate in international fashion publishing and exchange, build Liuhua shopping district into the birthplace of international fashion information, master the right to speak in fashion information, and establish Guangzhou as the world’s sixth-largest fashion after Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York’s fashion capital. The core foundation of fashion.

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