" Burkinagar " is based on "Qingli, gentle, beautiful" design style to the brand's unique style of cotton, linen patterns and cultural connotation, and create a modern style of women, and guide the trend of urban women's consumption trend, the interpretation of simple and stylish beautiful Huazhang!


Burberry incense women's interpretation of the simple and elegant fashion chapter

"Burkinagar" brand apparel, founded in 2000, Hangzhou Zeze Hangzhou Garments Co., Ltd.'s main brand, well-known women's brand . Hangzhou Zeze Garments Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful West Lake --- Hangzhou, is a specialized in fashion design, development, production and chain operations of large enterprises.

The company headquarters in 2003 for the "Burkinahwood" brand to set up a franchise chain, and in the "Hangzhou Sijiqing Lifestyle Street" wholesale market established 2000 square meters of product display distribution center; also equipped with a number of outstanding, high-quality Of the talent, service in the "Burkina incense" brand in the country established a perfect marketing network and service system.

布根香女装  演绎简约时尚的精美华章

Burberry incense women's interpretation of the simple and elegant fashion chapter

The company's Hong Kong-based inspirational business planning Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Sirius advertising planning many times a year overseas search, learn from the most fashionable and cutting-edge brand elements, and strive to "Burkina" extract the essence. In the image of constantly updated to meet the market changes for the first time, given: "SPORT", "LIEFALLOW" "FASHION" young soul. Designers to return to the natural style of the pianos deduce the simple, natural, sports, casual fashion exquisite; combined with international trends, absorbing international brand elements, inspiration from the nature, give full play to unlimited creativity. Burkina brand with a selection of fabrics, superb technology, simple and natural leisure style, favored by the vast number of consumers, and constantly improve the rapid growth of the forefront of Hangzhou brand women's representatives.

"Fanpuguizhen, Burgundy fragrance." Burgundy brand with its good reputation, first-class quality and service, we firmly believe that after a long-term friendly cooperation, tomorrow will be better and more successful!

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