Aisha Garments Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a high quality of life, interpretation of women's generous, elegant, taste and fashion. Determined to bring the best women's clothing to female consumers, to create high-quality women 's wardrobe . Since 2012 , formally stationed in mainland China from Hong Kong, Ai music products [ ] reasonable brand positioning more enjoys popular support, I believe that through this platform, Ai music products, social visibility and reputation will be further enhanced .

Into the mainland market, Ai music goods women carry a deep artistic heritage, absorbing the essence of Hong Kong's romanticism. Always humane care and safety, health, comfort as a product manufacturing guidelines. Extremely emphasize the inner quality, the succinct modeling line, three-dimensional tailoring and the material texture of the perfect combination of beauty, exquisite and changeable sewing skills to product design creativity to the extreme, creating Ai on music women's simple style of casual fashion And classic elegance.

Around the goal of creating a women's brand with unique cultural connotation, vivid brand image, exquisite product structure and brand-new life style, Ai Lele brand women's wear integrates innovative elements of popular elements to create the value of women's minds Symbol, and then to the way of fashion and cultural derivatives to the market, so that music consumer groups Ai music uphold the "fashion" fresh brand charm. 艾上乐品 - LGTaste

Ai on the music brand women have a professional women's design team, green fabric dye, in line with the characteristics of oriental women version of version of the cut, from design to production, from production to testing, from raw materials to finished products, to ensure that every product Can give consumers the safest and most comfortable skin feeling, every piece of clothing is the most beautiful and confident women's happy moments. "Everything for the sake of women's dress" is the core appeal of "Ai Top Music" brand.

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