July 19 --20 days, the girl next door , Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhou Longtao and commodity logistics center managers and other personnel, invited by the Asia Pacific Logistics authority "Logistics Technology and Application" magazine and the Chinese logistics industry first website> to Shanghai held the fourth China garment industry supply chain and modern logistics technology seminar.


It is understood that the seminar experts gathered guests, hundreds of brand logistics senior managers come together, the theme of the conference "fast fashion fast logistics win the world" to explore new trends in the development of clothing logistics and supply chain, introducing clothing Logistics new ideas and new technologies, to share the success of the industry case and experience. Through keynote speeches, the conference shared the contents of "Construction and Building of Agile Supply Chain", "Key Links and Key Technologies of Logistics (Traditional Service Enterprises and E-Commerce Service Enterprises)", and also organized "Distribution Centers Classic case of deep sharing "," logistics information classic case of deep sharing. " July 20 afternoon, the organizers also meticulously arranged visits to visit Semir Distribution Center and Mecoxlane Distribution Center, so that all participants visit the exchange, the conference held in the Chinese apparel industry chain has an important learning experience!

In recent years, new technologies and sales methods such as modern logistics technology, Internet of Things, and e-commerce have brought new vitality and business opportunities to the apparel industry. At the same time, new apparel consumption and business models have put forward the supply chain and logistics management of garment enterprises New requirements and challenges. As China's fashion brand new cutting-edge fashion industry, girls next door how to deal with this new challenge?

It is reported that the girl next door is in a period of rapid development, this invited to attend the seminar is of extraordinary significance. According to Zhou, vice president of the neighboring girl company, the rapid development of the neighboring girls nearly two years, thanks to the company has a clear strategic development plan, through internal standardized management and external orderly expansion and development, to cope with changing market competition, Grasp the opportunities for development, now has more than 500 stores, widely received by colleagues in the concern!

Vice President Zhou said that next door girl company plans to exceed 1,500 in number of planned stores in 2015. Faced with the market changes and the rapid growth in the number of stores, the Company has raised its supply chain and logistics management to a strategic level. Through this conference, I learned and learned many important information about supply chain and logistics. According to the company's strategic plan, next door girls will proceed with the modern management and operation of supply chain and logistics as well as the application of new logistics technology And so on, the use of advanced information technology and logistics technology to create next-door girls quickly respond to the efficient supply chain, improve logistics and reduce logistics costs, so that girls next door "fast, popular, small, variety" mode to be vividly demonstrated , To meet the consumer needs of the customer base, improve the overall competitiveness of girls next door in the market, to the forefront of the development of the industry!

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