The World Luxury Association recently held the “Top 100 Most Valuable Luxury Brands in the World and the Official Ten Years of the China Luxury Goods Industry” in Beijing, a historic change in the luxury goods industry. According to the "World Luxury Association 2011 Official Report Blue Book," as of the end of March 2011, China's luxury goods market has reached a total of 10.7 billion US dollars (excluding private jets, yachts and luxury cars), accounting for a quarter of global share China has become the world's second largest consumer of luxury goods. As a Chinese designer in the fashion industry, how do they view this turbulent luxury wave?

A few days ago I saw a paragraph on Sina Weibo: The Chinese fashion magazine is a group of editors earning 8,000 yuan a month. How can a person with a salary of 30,000 yuan or more show up for a group of wage earners with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan?

After smiling, can't help thinking about why luxury goods are so popular in China? Why did everyone flock to line up to buy iphone4S overnight? On January 11, 2012, the “Top 100 Most Valuable Luxury Brands in the World and 10 Years of Official Ceremony for the Chinese Luxury Goods Industry” held in Beijing, the famous Chinese travel designer, Xu Wei, spoke as the designer of the opening ceremony of the event. Her understanding of luxury goods.

The match is too important. “In France, everyone may have one or more luxury items, but these luxury items are not an accessory to the person’s identity or a decoration to show off their identity. The added value that consumers value is very human. Things, such as the designer's original ideas, the stories brought by the limited edition, or the classic style of the brand itself, etc."

“Like the “Bronze” series I chose today, the unique creative ideas of the designers are displayed, because on the scene there are many presidents of international first-line brands and officials of foreign embassies. They are hardly able to see genuine Chinese original designers and originals. Brands, they need to see is the Chinese people's ideas and cultural heritage, rather than the plagiarism of the international fashion trends. I hope today and Ma Yanli's works can enable them to deepen understanding of Chinese designers and brands."

As an Asian designer, Xu Hao’s influence abroad is far higher than that of China. Although she is the chief designer of the closing ceremony of the 2008 Paralympic Games, and is the chief designer of the multi-stage CCTV Spring and Evening Costume, but international fashion The world understands that she originated from the Chinese-style "Bronze" exhibited at the famous Galeries Lafayette department store in France.

“This is also the reason why I once again put “Bronze” on the domestic stage. I know that such works cannot be regarded as luxury items because such garments do not have the purpose of everyday wear. However, I would like to say that Chinese luxury goods are Brands have their own culture that can be tapped, and do not need to follow the international trend, but should reflect the designers' unique creativity and profound national culture."

Before entering the dressing room, those foreign models had painted a “black face” and played a mobile phone leisurely in their seats. These models were catwalking for “Bronze.”

“Make-up is very important. Although this show is more of a display function than a designer’s personal promotion, no matter what product it is, it should pay attention to the overall sense. When people use luxury goods, the overall sense is not perfect, makeup and accessories and luxury brands. And the characters themselves should be one. Here we talked about the importance of matching, a luxury goods must have matching characters and matching quality, the best function of luxury goods is not determined by the price, but the temperament and use function decided People who truly understand luxury goods and wear luxury goods are respectful to Other people in the environment and are definitely not showing off."

There have been market research shows that truly wealthy consumers like to flag unobtrusive products and like low-key luxury; while those who are not rich like to be eye-catching. The study also divided luxury consumers into three strata: prominent, upstart, and fake nobles.

The elite are rich in financial resources. They mainly care about their connections with other elites, not the differences between themselves and other social strata. The rich are rich but longing for identity. What they are most concerned about is how to distinguish themselves from the poor. They also linked themselves with other rich people; as for fake aristocrats, they are also very happy to spend to show their identity. Aristocrats do not have the financial resources to easily afford real luxury goods, but they want to label themselves as those newcomers and separate themselves from other less wealthy people.

The top luxury goods are what level of love and gratitude in the end to become a "world-class luxury"? The World Luxury Goods Association has defined the global circulation standards of the global luxury goods market as follows: 1. Global influence, based on the reputation of the brand in more than 100 countries around the world, at least 80% of the countries have learned or heard about it. Mainly through the media to measure this standard; Second, the global share, according to the brand in the global market share of the stores, mainly referring to the proportion of countries in the distribution channels, a brand in many countries in the world have stores, is an important measure of global share Standards; Third, consumer feedback, in more than 100 countries in the world, has its own relatively fixed consumer and market groups.

“This is just the standard of external luxury products. For consumers, we all have spiritual luxury, that is, gratitude and love. This realization made me happy for a long time, so I designed a set of 'Zen · Buddha's series."

Two months ago in Paris, Xu Hao participated in the "Frimousses de créateurs" charity doll event as in previous years. This event also invited the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, 59 years old, and placed Xu Hao and her works. In the most eye-catching position.

“As a designer, participating in such an international charity event can not only demonstrate my creativity, but also can do something for children who are in difficulties. I think this is an individual act and nothing can be promoted. Last year and this year's two The rag dolls “Blue and White Porcelain” and “Lucky Cloud” are highly valued by the organizing committee and have also brought the love of Chinese fashion designers to the children of the world.I hope that every child has a healthy childhood and he knew from childhood that there was a country called China."

The "Frimousses de créateurs" dolls designed by the United Nations Children's Federation organize famous dolls and have a considerable reputation in the international fashion and charity communities. At that time, Xu Hao took her "Lucky Cloud Doll" and world-renowned fashion designers and artists to present to the world's favorite charity and fashion people a well-designed collection of more than 50 unique creative, stylish and fashionable dolls. The rag dolls and the designers of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Chloe and other fashion brands brought the dolls to the attention of the audience.

Xu Hao is the only Asian designer invited to participate in the “Frimousses de créateurs” charity doll event. She and her a cloud made of silica gel and a white dragon doll are surrounded by the media of the scene and she is overwhelmed.

“Looking at reporters from the Xinhua News Agency at the scene, I find it very gracious. They are very surprised that there was no news that Chinese designers were involved in this activity. It is also evident that national media are very interested in the word 'China'.”

Not only was he willing to do charity, but Xu also paid special attention to the disadvantaged groups. After she was appointed as the costume designer at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, she felt a lot.

"Although they may have some physical defects, but their spirit even surpasses our healthy people, I can always feel a strong momentum. Their indomitable spirit will inspire me to continue to surpass themselves, at the same time, Let me realize that we should cherish health and everything we have now.I have also donated some children in poor areas in China, but I can send some warmth to poor children abroad as a Chinese designer. I think this is even more significant. important."

"In the rag doll design activities, all designers and media around the world are paying tolls. I feel that for our healthy people, money is only exchange meaning; but for poor or unhealthy people, especially for children. In other words, money represents the hope for survival. I hope that through this activity, we can help Chinese designers do more for the children in poverty in our country or in foreign countries who are struggling with diseases and poverty..."

In recent months, the series of “Zen Buddha” that Xu Xuan has long been brewing has finally been completed. The pure white color is like the shadow of Xiangyun Doll, which implies a pure desire.

“I recently saw on a Weibo a passage from a Buddhist scholar in Qinghai: I learned because of complicated and incomprehensible problems, and because of simple but unintelligible issues, I rely on wisdom. This sentence touched me a lot. I I hope everyone around me can have a heart of gratitude."

When it comes to luxury goods, most people will think of astronomical prices and distances. They always feel that it is impractical to have these things. However, the spiritual luxury that each of us are born with should not be diluted in the material world. Luxury goods - love and gratitude exist in everyone's heart, and will never be eliminated by fashion trends.

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