Bring more surprises for the brand home service, you Xianmei brand home service unique design style will be stylish and comfortable blend of nature in the experience of a happy taste. You Xianmei brand home service mature design style, fashion design positioning, in every detail of the interpretation of the delicate beauty.


Youxianmei branded apparel is a underwear brand under Hong Kong's international fashion co., Ltd. Youxianmei underwear is introduced into the world's most mature design style. Its products are designed with taste and style. With the introduction of Italian designers and design concepts, With international fashion.

香港体会之悠仙美地家居服  2012新款引领国际时尚

You Xianmei brand home service design to reduce the traditional home service that fashion is the fancy colors and complex design concept stitching, elegant fashion and distinguished taste is the design features.

Touchscreen gloves are modern words that refer to special gloves used to operate capacitive touchscreen products in winter.
Touch-screen gloves have already started production and sales in China, the industry is still in its infancy, the real technical strength of the company. More well-known brand Touch, due to high technical requirements, experts advise consumers when looking for brand-name products to buy products. Not easy to use is a trifle, scratch the touch screen is a big loss.

The previous resistive touch screen can only judge one touch point at a time when working by hand, and if the touch point is more than two, the correct judgment can not be made. Therefore, the resistive touch screen is only suitable for clicking, dragging and the like Some simple actions to judge. The capacitive touch screen multi-touch, you can break down the user's touch to collect multi-point signal and determine the significance of the signal two tasks to complete the judgment of complex movements.
The touch-sensitive surface of the resistive touch screen is a hard coating to protect the underlying PET (Mylar) layer with two layers of transparent conductive ITO (indium oxide, weakly conductive Body), respectively, corresponding to X, Y axis, between them with a fine transparent insulating particles, the pressure generated by the touch will make the two conductive layer connected to press different points, the point of resistance to the output value is different, so The voltage signal (analog value) corresponding to the position will be output. After A / D conversion, the coordinate values of X and Y can be obtained. This is the most basic principle of resistive touch screen technology.
The capacitive single-point touch screen single-point capacitive touch screen using only a single layer of ITO, when the finger touch screen surface, there will be a certain amount of charge transfer to the human body. In order to recover these charge losses, charges are added from the four corners of the screen. The amount of charge replenished in each direction is proportional to the distance of the touch point, from which we can deduce the position of the touch point.
Resistive touch screen can only judge a touch point at a time, if more than two points are touched at the same time, it can not make the correct response, or the reaction was chaotic.
Multi-touch capacitive touch screen evolved into the task of multi-touch can be broken down into two aspects of work, one at the same time collecting multi-point signal, the second is to determine the significance of each signal, which is the so-called gesture recognition. Compared with the touch technology which can only accept single-point input, the multi-touch technology allows the user to simultaneously touch the display in multiple places so as to be able to expand or rotate the webpage or the picture. Apple iPhone only allows two finger operation, so it can be called "dual touch", while Microsoft's upcoming Surface PC can respond to 52 touch points at the same time.
In order to achieve multi-touch features, multi-touch screen and single-touch screen using a completely different structure. From the outside of the screen, the single-point touch screen has few signal lines (usually 4Pin or 5Pin), and the multi-touch screen has many leads. From the inside, the conductive layer of the single-point touch screen is only a flat panel, Control screen is divided into a number of flat on the plate a lot of relatively independent touch unit, each touch unit through a separate wire connected to the external circuit, all touch-control unit in the board was matrix arrangement. In this way, when a user's finger touches a certain part of the screen, a signal is output from the corresponding detection line. When the finger is moved to another location, the signal is output again from another detection line.

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