February in Shanghai, slowly chill, people wrapped in thick winter clothes. In the first Yaohan second floor hall, an international team by Man Nifen effort to build "energy woman" underwear fashion show released undoubtedly brought an unexpected continuation of the cold winter heat.

For the first time, the Man Nefin International Concept Show, led by champion models Li Weishan and Bai Xiyu, met Shanghai citizens for the first time. This reporter has learned that the concept of the release of the show are purchased in Europe, design and custom handmade, offline sales, all products are concept products, specifically for the interpretation of Manifen "energy woman" concept and custom. More different from the regular new product release, the "International Top Fashion Fest - Manifen Energy Woman's Brand Press Conference" will bring the high-standard international concept show to the terminal and communicate with consumers in a zero-distance manner. The event was jointly launched by Hui Jie Group and its global brand strategy partner, Caroline International, France.


Energy woman charm upgrade

Successful companies are always ahead of their competitors to observe the innermost feelings of the audience, so as to develop a more convincing market competitiveness. An insight into market demand and looking forward to international trends, Manifen found a growing ethnic group: they are full of strong femininity, innate delicacy and temptation, and they are adept and enthusiastic in demonstrating this inherent advantage. The Manifen brand empowers her consumer groups to "energize" the attractive wings of women and allow them to sublimate from the inside out. The concept of release, is a reproduction of the energy woman's cultural core, is Man Nifin deep cultivation underwear industry another masterpiece.

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