What color to describe this winter? Perhaps in the past we all think of white, but this winter should be gray to describe. Recently, the country's wide range of hazy weather enveloped the country in a gray color, some areas can even be described as "out of reach, so vague weather, if you are not wearing black dress, then you Almost invisible Want to attract attention in this winter, bright colors are destined.


Although it is foggy weather, but the temperature is still cold, light jacket may have been unable to resist the whistling wind, down jacket is the time to debut. Short paragraph comfortable and comfortable down jacket, both a good warm cold, while not delaying the beautiful female needs. Therefore, it has always been the favorite of women.


Shi Ke Fu fashion women 2013 winter new paragraph short paragraph down jacket, macaroons using the international fashion color, the combination of casual fashion and professional classics, coupled with feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment, grasp the fashion trends , Fashionable and unique, smooth lines, great attention to the design of product details, with elegant and generous product appeal point, interpretation of the new era of elegant and sophisticated life.


Rayon Printed With Jacquard

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