Whether it is green, green or blue-green, like a water-like elegance of the green again become a high-profile upstart color. Fresh and natural, giving a quiet sense of comfort, with a green Department of winter is undoubtedly the most Yingjing with the choice.


Choose green down jacket to break the dark sense of winter, full of vigor and vitality of the full atmosphere, short paragraph can be within the black lace, more temperament, long section is within the horizontal stripe sweater, even less age oh.

"绿"系暖冬 独爱小清新

Elegant green color once again become a high-profile color, if the whole body green dress not much grasp, then have a light green jacket, with a neutral black and white, cool gray, but also the choice of dress code child.

"绿"系暖冬 独爱小清新

Suit has always been the workplace with the sacred items, but too orthodox and serious style absolutely can not interpret the perfect LOOK, try to break the traditional bondage, the beautiful green and loose neutral style, to create your simple, fresh and capable Urban image

More and more people love to wear fashion and shiny jewelry to decorate them, the Crystal Bracelet is one of these jewelry.
The crystal Bracelet can be divided into natural crystal bracelet and artificial crystal bracelet. The Natural crystal bracelet can bring luck, the natural crystal bracelet will have unexpected effects if you often wear. Usually, we can see many different types of natural crystal bracelet on market, like as white natural crystal bracelet, purple natural crystal bracelet, pink natural crystal bracelet and so on.

Crystal Bracelet

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