In recent years, China's adjustment underwear industry has entered a period of rapid development, the market out of a number of low-tech, poor brand, weak competitiveness of the old brand, while the birth of a number of cutting-edge brand. These cutting-edge brand in the game market momentum and momentum, so that the industry admiration. Love yarn group's love yarn baby brand underwear is one of the typical representatives.


The cutting-edge cutting-edge brand rely on what to win it? On this issue, the reporter interviewed Love Zou Group Marketing Director Zou Jifu, Zou Jifu said that as a cutting-edge underwear brand, just a half step ahead of other brands can stand out, although this half-step seems insignificant, but in the current underwear market is extremely competitive In the fierce situation, but it can open a big rival.

It is understood that love yarn baby listed, the use of closely follow the opponent until after the development of new products to market, the first imitation, and then start from the defects of competitors products, to improve and perfect the strategy. Starting from the current level of an opponent and standing on the shoulders of giants, this bold and innovative approach makes it easier to surpass opponents. Love yarn baby is in the international big high-end underwear on the basis of scientific and technological innovation, and finally finally received the approval of consumers. Love yarn group strength was not strong at the time, is the use of such imitation and then go beyond the competition strategy, although this strategy is still in use, but now love yarn baby more than self.

"If you can follow the trend, even the little-known brand can also get Blue Ocean advantage.As memory alloy technology, until its concept in the minds of users have formed a foundation to the market, come to fruition, do not have to pay too much Cost, so that you can take the energy to participate in new market competition. "Zou Jifu told reporters.

Love yarn baby memory alloy bra, regardless of quality, style, style, price, service, etc. are beyond the competition for the urban wage-earners provided by the overall value of women has far exceeded the expectations of customers. "In order to surpass others, the first choice must surpass yourself so as to maintain the long-lasting blue ocean advantage." Love yarn baby designer told reporters.

Love yarn baby from the beginning of the market, called the international big-name Triumph. Love yarn baby designer found that there are many triumph Triumph underwear, so painstaking Triumph products, found some deficiencies, made more than 10 improvements and innovations, and now Love yarn baby underwear in the style and fabric Can be comparable to Triumph, but the price advantage over Triumph, which is a transcendence.
The most surprising to reporters is that Mr. Zou Jifu also told reporters that in fact, do not have to go beyond the brand too much, just half the lead just right. Because the development of a blue ocean will only give competitors more room to enter, the pace too much

Easily lead to excessive consumption of resources or not recognized by the market, it is only half a step ahead of rivals the most clever way. Love yarn group did not do too great invention, just continue to launch a higher value added underwear.
And to master this, never stop doing this half-step effort, is the way to success.

Handicraft Basket :

Handicraft basket is kind of Chinese folk art. .It`s handmade by the master with years of experience. It`s mainly made by the natural material ,such as wood chip, bamboo chip ,sea grass ,water hyacinth and rattan. With the development of the times, the metal wire is also use as material.

Handicraft basket owns a great variety. Wood chip and sea grass basket is the most common product which is widely used for the home and gardening decoration or storage.. Rattan Basket is with the strongest sense of craftsmanship which is used at the high grade place.

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customer's demand.

rattan basket

sea grass basket

wood chip  basket

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Handicraft Basket

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