Advocating fashion, around personality - brand children's fashion family. A children's clothing brand designed for 2-12-year-old urban children, with innovative features, more alternative fashion trend of the trendy models, sought after by many favorite fashion personality children, become a must for young wave of the 21st century . Knitting T-shirt, dress, windbreaker, denim and other children's clothing products, coupled with the season 300-400 models put on new models, fashion family has a strong product creativity, creativity, in terms of quantity, in style On the leading children's wear industry in China, the development of fashion is one of the most competitive brand of children's wear.

Polyester Embroidery Thread Colored Dyed by raw white Embroidery Thread, widely used in high speed embroidery machine,because the price is much cheaper than viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread, usage is increasing day by day. our products are brightly colored and knotless, can use 1200 RPM continuous production line, more than 1000 colors are available, up to 300 tons monthly, fast delivery.  


Polyester Embroidery Thread Colored

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