China Apparel Conference: Having Cultural Confidence to Have Right to Fashion Talk At the 2012 Apparel Conference, Deng Li, deputy publisher and executive editor of the "Claire", said at the parallel meeting: "Apparel is the carrier of multicultural beauty, design aesthetics, and also represents a country's image and temperament, quality and weather. Nowadays, Chinese apparel brands have full competition with fashion brands in various fields, and this competition is not only the market but also the design.In recent years, Chinese clothing brands have increased their investment in design and channels, and China has created the biggest obstacle to premium brands. It is the absence of right to speak in the fashion industry.Whether it is a fashion brand or a Chinese fashion media, they all hope that they will be able to say the best in their fashion field. It is hoped that the information released by the Chinese brand in Beijing Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week will lead Fashion trends.How Chinese clothing brands stand on this stage with a unique attitude depends to a large extent on the cultural confidence of our land.We know that many top world brands are not only because of their process design and technology. It has a long history, and more is its brand connotation and information brings a very The image of the code."

Cultural self-confidence is the basis for building the right to speak. How to establish a cultural self-confidence, so that you have the right to speak in a fashion? Zhang Rongming, chairman of Beijing Aimo Underwear Co., Ltd., said: “Because of our longing for Western culture, we are particularly keen to buy Western clothing brands. If we have confidence and confidence in Chinese culture and clothing, we will have more Buying China's own brand.This is the embodiment of cultural self-confidence in the field of clothing.China's cultural value is not worthy of Chinese self-confidence it?It will certainly be in the long run.With the improvement of comprehensive national strength will build confidence.In Chinese history For thousands of years, we had the confidence of a big country, but this confidence has been overwhelmed by Western culture, military affairs, and science and technology for over a hundred years, so now is the process of recreating the self-confidence of ethnic culture. The revival of the Chinese nation, It should be said that the completion of 60%-70%, I read a report, the report puts forward that we are a few steps away from the rise of the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation's revival? The answer may be the last few steps, and these last steps may be special Difficulties.So now the people in the clothing industry should practice from their own companies and consciously pursue our own cultural confidence. We must have confidence in our own brands, be the best ourselves, the best products, the best designs, the best brands, and we must have enough confidence before we can influence consumers. Strong, I hope our country's brand is worthy of being proud of, of course, this requires a process." Zhang Rongming also said that now is still the Western mainstream culture, this is a game process, so that China's culture becomes strong A long way to go.

Self-confidence, we must first understand our own culture, and we must continue to innovate on the basis of understanding. As the most representative producer of silk products in China, Li Jianhua, president of Hangzhou Wansli Group, talked about China's clothing culture and said, “Chinese culture, the middle of the world’s culture, and royal culture are very important contexts. We see the emperor wear The robes, sleeping mosquito nets, and hats are all silk. Silk is essential in Chinese royal culture. Western royal supplies are basically the same as the royal family in China, and they are also silk. Silk was established 2,000 years ago. Europe is a luxury, and in the minds of Europeans, silk is not only a commodity, but it also represents China and represents the culture of the Chinese nation.The competitiveness and creativity of culture is the power of a country’s great power.I think silk is such a culture. We hope that our generation will not forget the silk culture, and when learning Western civilization, we must not forget the profoundness of the Chinese culture. Our ancestors' clothing is cultural, but we have gradually developed over the past 100 years. Forget the culture, what kind of cultural connotation Chinese clothing should contain can make the world recognize This is the Chinese people's clothing? This is a question we need to think about more people.” Li Jianhua also believes that silk is a carrier that can carry culture and can carry a lot of things. Silk is a unique Chinese material and has unique cultural symbols. Of course, silk itself also needs innovation. It also needs creation.

According to Chen Fuguo, a MetaThink consulting firm, culture and brand are closely related and inseparable. Any culture under modern civilization will inevitably be branded and branded. He also mentioned that the rise of Korean Samsung brand has led South Korean culture to the rest of the world.

He said that if there are no mistakes, there will be a very high achievement for Chinese brands in five or ten years. At present, China's home appliance brands are well-known in the world. Haier and Lenovo are very influential brands. On the other hand, why is it that it is so difficult for Chinese apparel brands to be recognized by the world? The reason is because clothing is determined by the value of the product itself. Home appliances and so on are functional products, and the economic value contributed by their brand value added is very low. Clothing is a natural product that transcends the product. It has a lot to do with the cultural needs of identity, taste, social occasions, etc. At the same time, clothing also has the expression of values, and so much of the content associated with the material outside the material gives clothing a different value. It is because of this that only creative, culturally-influenced clothing brands can be remembered by consumers. Otherwise, it is difficult for clothing brands to occupy a position in consumers' hearts.

Chen Fuguo said: "After 30 years of development in China, cultural self-confidence has been initially established. Looking at China for more than one hundred years, national self-confidence is currently at the highest point. This highest point is a consistent consensus. Now that the national self-confidence is still in a period of resumption of growth, if one day we can communicate with all people on an equal footing, that time will be the true restoration of self-confidence in the nation, and the whole time course may still go through 10 years or even 20 years. The culture of the millennium has never been cut off. Only the Chinese civilization has not been interrupted in the world. There are ideological things, literary things, visual expressions, and elements of national customs. These elements give us the design of clothing. The brand's expression left a huge space."

Brand management and brand value While building cultural self-confidence, only a good brand can create a valuable brand. China's clothing brand can truly be recognized by the world. Understanding his own consumers and accurate positioning are the most important aspects of brand management. Zheng Zheng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Daily Broadcasting Industrial Co., Ltd. divided the Chinese market into several levels in accordance with his own company's understanding. He said: “According to the average product price day, The broadcast market of China's clothing industry is roughly divided into a hierarchy, of which the level above 9600 yuan is called a luxury brand, and the current luxury brand is basically dominated by international brands.4800 to 9600 are called quasi-luxury goods. The international second-line, there are also individual international first-line women's clothing.2400 to 4800, is a boutique women's brand, in the domestic market, Chinese original brands are mostly distributed in this area, at the same time, designer brands and Japanese and Korean brands are also paying close attention to this price range.1200 to 2400 Is a small boutique market, the public circulation brand below 1200 is called, the brand that every department store everybody is familiar with is basically at this price, 600 is the brand that makes circulation specifically.

Zheng Zheng said that in accordance with the current level of development of China's women's enterprises, the daily market will be targeted at the fine women's wear and circulation of fine women's clothing market. He believes that in the relatively discrete market space of the customer base, daily broadcast can occupy a place with personalized and differentiated brand building.

How to build a company’s continuous cultural shaping and ability to design innovation, Zheng Zheng said when talking about his company’s experience in practice: “We created a relatively loose organizational culture in the company. We emphasize the design director for design innovation. The core position of the company is to establish close cooperation with consulting companies abroad, and the number of products purchased in one year won't exceed 200, and basically, we will buy process reference materials and fabrics, and we will not repeat them. Our principle is to insist on originality. Many company products The department will give a very clear and complete plan for the product planning, but our designers do not want to. Our approach is this, for example, plans to list 180 funds this quarter, the product department will complete 126, which 126 It is necessary to ensure that the increase of the new cargo group is open to designers, which allows our design to continue to innovate.

Ye Shouzeng, general manager of Shanghai Zhishao Brand Management Co., Ltd., said when talking about his brand's service group: “We are the brand that serves the growing middle class and this direction has not changed from the very beginning to the present. I hope through our Efforts can combine the current fast-paced life with comfort and environmental protection. We have provided a more comprehensive product line for our guests, and we have made in-depth reflections on the ideal of environmental protection and commercial integration."

Ye Shouzeng said: "Comfort is important to everyone. Comfort should include two aspects. One is psychological and the other is physical. We use natural raw materials, and natural materials will have a sense of comfort. Physiologically, we create a comfortable feeling from design, model, and all aspects of technology. More importantly, from the design itself, we will remove some superficial things and return the design to the most simple and comfortable state."

Zhang Rongming, chairman of Beijing Aimo Underwear Co., Ltd., said when talking about brand value and cultural self-confidence, this is not only a question that needs to be considered for a clothing brand, but also a problem that the entire society needs to think about. The brand value is the work that everybody who has been branding has been trying hard to do, because everyone deeply understands that only by constantly using the brand and its positioning, and its unique way to inject brand cultural value, this brand can It reflects its uniqueness. Of course, the management mechanism, management system, especially its responsiveness, social responsibility and so on are all essential in brand building. Among these, cultural confidence is the core and most important thing in brand value.

MetaThink Consulting Co., Ltd. Chen Fuguo also talked about how the management and value of the brand reflects the methodology of learning how western counterparts build brands. He believes that to be a brand, we must understand where the brand origin. If a brand does not find the point of value level communication with the consumer is not supported, as the brand must have unique values, use this value as the basis for building a brand. In addition, we must use culture, use traditional elements, and inject brand value. In this regard, we must pay attention to modern consumers and pay attention to their understanding of traditional needs. If we only stay in blind intoxication and optimism about the things passed down by ancient ancestors, it is hard to do well. Also turn passion into creativity. Many Chinese companies have kept innovation in a very abstract and empty concept. From a concept to the expression of this concept, the distance between them is very large.

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