Known as the "king of jade", the jadeite currently has three grades of ABC on the market. It seems that the same jadeite may vary by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times due to different grades. Experts remind consumers to When you purchase, you must indicate the grade in the invoice, and beware of the merchant's "filled up".

According to Qi Liyi, secretary-general of the Shanghai Baoyu Stone Association, Class A jadeite is a pure natural jade that has not been subjected to artificial treatment such as high heat, high pressure and chemical. The color is also natural, and the head and the emerald color are permanent. However, the price of A-grade jade is very different due to the difference in color, water, species and land.

Class B is emerald through manual processing of jade, a general approach is first heated to high temperatures in a strong acid solution over ten hours, and then cooked in a strong base ten hours, then the molecular structure of jade had been completely destroyed, It looks like a rice cake, the last with epoxy. This high-temperature electronic heating and removal of the aggregate Class B jade, although it seems suddenly felt "head" is enough, fine texture, crystal gloss, but in fact has a non-natural jade, considerable period of time will lose its luster, cracks .

C is artificially emerald color processing, on the basis of its quality even worse on the stage B, after several due to chemical treatment, bleaching will be slightly longer time, but also after wear due to the release of chemical residues, would harmful to the human body, and therefore no value.

How can I buy a genuine A-grade jade? Yan Liyi believes that first of all, you can't buy "cheap and good" jade jewelry at the roadside stalls or tourist attractions, because the really good A-grade jade can't be sold at low prices. Secondly, when you buy jade, you have to sell it. A quality assurance certificate or certificate of authentication, request a formal sales invoice, and ask the salesperson to indicate the A-grade jade on the invoice, so as to ensure their own rights and interests.

Women's Cashmere Sweater uses cashmere as raw materials, which is suede, soft feeling warmth retention property good, and has a strong  hygroscopicity natural luster downy, wearing comfortable, elegant and showily, unique style, feels showily elegance, double charm, and it can enjoy a warm and elegant demeanor, which is ideal product to pursuit of high-grade and perfect  clothing for women.

Our company's women cashmere sweater is fashionable with rich colors, fashionable. Women's sweater has upper collar, double lapel, big V collar, square collar, round collar and collar. Deformed big V is fashionable implicative, more beautiful. Because of the physical properties of cashmere sweater, cashmere sweaters are easy to piling and static.

Please note that the inside bag should not be loaded with hard objects, and don't insert pens, etc., so as to avoid local friction. And Wear time not too long, ten days then make it bounce back to avoid fiber fatigue. Cashmere sweaters are usually dry-cleaned and hand-washed; put special lotion in 35 ℃ water  and then put soaked cashmere sweater in it and soak 15-30 minutes, in key smudgy place and neckline cuffs can use a high concentration of detergent, washing methods take knead crowded, the rest parts knead gently. Jacquard or multicolored cashmere sweaters should not be soaked, and different colored cashmere sweaters should not be washed together to avoid color.

Women`s Cashmere Sweater

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