" Chuan Dai " CHUANDAI. A representative of the urban fashion women's brand , with its unique design, simple and smooth lines, elegant colors, with exquisite tailoring and elegant, fashionable style, integrate the essence of Western culture, modern urban fashion interpretation of women's leisure and elegance , Loved by consumers all over the country. Since its establishment in April 2000, Chuan Dai Co. has adhered to its pragmatic, integrity, service and win-win concept of development and has stood out in the fierce market competition and entered a benign orbit of rapid growth. The formation of the company in the country Direct, franchisee agent two main channels, as dealers to provide the perfect product, perfect service support.


Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Chuan Dai Garment Co., Ltd. is a private apparel company that integrates design, production and sales. The series of Chuan Dai chuandai garments are based on the design concept of "I am my", adhering to self-innovation and novelty The Japanese design style, with its trend-setting design and excellent quality, attracted many consumers.

川代女装品牌 演绎现代都市时尚女性休闲与优雅

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