Although the weather began to cool, a bit cold wind bleak taste, but the recent sweeping the province of the beautiful baby contest is still passionate craze, without any reduction. November 11, Rabbit Mark beautiful baby Dongguan Division finals in the city of Dongguan City, the first International City successfully concluded. In this competition, beautiful babies to passionate performance, attracted a large audience to stop onlookers. People from time to time cheer, sometimes cry, the scene is very hot. Popular live popular event content is very rich, with exquisite dance, fresh and innocent voice and confident cool T-Taiwan catwalk, small players who fully demonstrated the modern style of children. After several layers of screening, the final number of contestants selected seven players qualify for the promotion of the rematch in Guangdong Province. In the meantime, each of the contestants who qualify for the promotion qualifies for the cool kitty and Dream Image Improvement Fund provided by Rabbit Mark International Group. Promoters' Award "Children attending such a competition, or will have a positive impact on his future growth, and whether it is to achieve success or failure, I believe it is worth." A contestant at the scene My mother said to reporters, "Because every kid here seems to have found their own stage, showing themselves without exception .I can see my baby's most beautiful and lovely side." "Although this time we Not to qualify, but our baby will come back Oh! "Rabbit Mark new product It is understood that by the South Children's Channel TVS5 sponsored by the" beautiful baby "contest to 2-12-year-old children and parents as the main target to" Healthy and happy "as the theme, advocating" confident, dreaming "childhood, advocating" love and sharing. " Attracting hundreds of thousands of children and parents, Beautiful Baby has become an important stage for children and adolescents in Guangdong Province and throughout the country to demonstrate their charm and innocence. It has become an important stage in enhancing the children's aesthetic ability and leading children's health and fashion. The South TV's "beautiful baby" together Rabbit Mark International, can be described as complement each other. Rabbit Mark International has always upholds the concept of serving the new generation of children as a whole and leads children in "fresh fashion." "Rabbit mark" is not just a brand, but also a distinctive fashion culture. Let the chasing fashion parents pay attention to the children's aesthetic needs while paying attention to the children's wearing comfort. Rabbit Mark "brand clothing for leisure, vacation and leisure, and special solemn occasion, bringing the world's fashion personality at the same time," Rabbit Label "for all living in the world's major cities of independence, freedom, the pursuit of fashion and quality Of the modern children and the creation of this view, Rabbit Mark in the business philosophy of the brand, and beautiful baby advocated by children's health fashion is particularly fit.Therefore, the two sides can jointly put "beautiful baby" Dongguan Division race, And achieved unprecedented results, thus giving a modest contribution to the overall image of the new generation of children.

Feature: Extremely durable, soft touch and super absorbent  

Material: 100% cotton, 32s/2, 21s/2, 21s, 16s, 14s, 10s         

Size: 30*30cm, 35*75cm, 40*80cm, 70*140cm, any size you want                                                                                                    

Color: any color you want                                                              

Weight: 300-600gsm                                                                    

Logo: 1. Printed logo, 2. Embroidered, 3. Jacquard/Embossed logo                                                                                                 

Usage: Home, Hotel, Plane,                                                        

Age Group: Adults                                                                       

Packaging: Opp bag, mesh bag, or custom                            

MOQ: 500PCS for current patterns, 5000PCS for custom patterns                                                                                            

OEM / ODM available  

Cotton Towel

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