At the beginning of a comfortable, simple, small ideas, attention to detail as the core idea of ​​the original insist on the original design and quality routes for you to find beauty and touched the urban philosophy of life. At the moment, pay close attention to the inner world of young people who love life, and look forward to working with you to find a city that matches your imagination, awakening every moment hidden in the heart and bringing you the first move beyond being busy, crowded and anxious. V-shaped neckline, the outer edge is a beautiful arc, modified face, add beauty. The atmosphere of the flowers with leisure sense, rich fabric texture, vertical pattern significant slender. Military uniform wind, shoulder 袢, Yuke, buckle, practical big pocket and decorative fake pocket and other elements, combined with thick textured denim fabric, to create a sense of military style and leisure, and a sense of quality. For the first moment to focus on the pursuit of quality of life, longing for the distinctive urban young people, dedicated to providing cost-effective casual wear. Slow fashion's new concept so that more young people have a different life experience!

Printing Shower Curtain

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