DP women clever use of color matching and natural cutting, showing women simple, gentle qualities. From the life bit by bit, from drawing, music, movies and other artistic inspiration, inspire creativity, casual with the characteristics of clothing with women from the heart to show the modern temperament. 2012 autumn and winter, DP women's dress will be the most IN workplace mature urban women, so that they bloom bright colors in winter.

D.P女装2012冬季上新 黑里透红彰显不凡优雅气质

Rose dress with a long black down jacket, two completely different colors with a single product to form a strong sense of visual impact, do not pull the zipper wear more highlight the impressive temperament.

D.P女装2012冬季上新 黑里透红彰显不凡优雅气质

Stitching different materials will highlight their own sense of quality, take the Rose Lady Lady skirt, showing the perfect leg curve, Coat Slim design allows women to have more extraordinary charm.

D.P女装2012冬季上新 黑里透红彰显不凡优雅气质

A black dress dress elegant, Xianqi full, with a short paragraph jacket hair, but also a more tough, neutral style, the red thin waist belt on the black waist seal, the level of sense is very prominent.

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