What to wear this fate to transport? Why do you want to wear red clothes? Now especially women would you recommend several animal year MM is more suitable to wear in the fall of Yi Yi: "red" clothing, make your fall fashion more prosperous.


Red jacket, with a lotus leaf on the skirt and bright beaded embedding, full of eye-catching to attract others. Take a red jacket, white printing and dyeing T-shirt, who is more eye-catching red and white? Short paragraph red jacket, plus high-waist design packages hip skirts, sexy legs, filling the eyes of everyone, if put on a pair of high heels, the effect will be "excellent".

本命年穿什么可以转运  本命年为什么要穿红色的衣服

Red dress, not only refers to the red shirt. Red dress can also be pants. A more self-cultivation style, can better highlight your legs. Red pants with knit hollow shirt, lined with a halter top, it is sexy.

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