Secretary of the overall market expansion, ladies brand stores gradually cover the end of the market, so that more consumers can buy affordable, high-quality ladies fashion brand clothing, a comprehensive system of services, a full range of shop business guidance, and quickly become clothing Investors preferred clothing to join the brand.


Store Address: Dongcheng Road, Qingyuan City, Run-Mart mall.

Guangzhou Ladies Times Co., Ltd. is a clothing brand company integrating information, planning, design and marketing services. Its registered brand is "Lady's Age". The company is guided by the market and the brand of ladies has begun to rise higher in the industry The popularity and reputation.

Since its inception, we have been adhering to the "keep up with market trends quickly capture the market," business philosophy to design as the soul, the cornerstone of quality, culture as a support, as the fundamental development of the brand. While pursuing the rapid development of common ground while reserving differences, it is the key to the sound development of "Ladies 'Times" to listen carefully to the customers' wishes and give them good value for money personal experience. In view of this, we will continue to improve the internal operation system, enhance the core culture of ladies, strengthen and enhance the brand in the industry's overall competitiveness, in the road to success, we would like to like-minded, together with the "ladies era "To create the industry's most fashionable charm of the well-known women's brand.

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