Hangzhou Silk Legend "World Silk ***, Chinese Silk Looks at Hangzhou". As one of the “six major silk capitals” of the country, Hangzhou occupies a special position in the Zhejiang silk industry. At the opportunity of the “2013 China International Silk Exposition and China International Women’s Wear Exhibition” held in Hangzhou recently, our reporter interviewed the president of the Hangzhou Silk Industry Association Fei Jianming. The senior expert in the industry told the reporter that the newspaper “inquired into Zhejiang”. "Silk" series of reports in the Hangzhou Silk Circle triggered a lot of repercussions, but also let him have something to say.

Silk is a product, but also a cultural reporter: Silk has always been a gold business card in Hangzhou, but the silk industry is also experiencing increasingly fierce market competition. What is the status of Hangzhou silk in the world's silk industry?

Fei Jianming: China's real silk merchandise import and export trade accounted for 80% of the world's silk trade in the past decade, while Zhejiang accounted for about 40% and Hangzhou accounted for more than 25%; over the years, Hangzhou's silk companies are listed as genuine silk goods. Exports, export of silk embryo silk, and silk garments export the country's first place; Hangzhou has more than 1,000 silk companies; China's silk companies are the most competitive in ten strongest cities in Hangzhou, and China’s silk brand is the most. The domestic trade of real silk products in Hangzhou accounted for more than 30%.

Reporter: We all admit that for the silk product, only the market share is not enough. What do you think of Hangzhou Silk's competitive advantage?

Fei Jianming: Silk is a special product that possesses the dual attributes of commodities and culture. To measure the competitiveness of Hangzhou Silk, it is necessary to look at this perspective. I think that Hangzhou Silk has three major advantages. First, Hangzhou has a deep internationally recognized silk culture; Second, Hangzhou has formed a complete silk industry chain, from the high quality silkworm base in Lu'an, Yuhang's "Chinese silk weaving base." , to Tonglu's “silk-knit regional economy”, Xiaoshan and Xisha's printing and dyeing base, and Hangzhou’s strong design team and apparel production and marketing capabilities formed an independent and cooperative regional industrial chain; Third, the market competition main body is diversified, state-owned assets , private capital, foreign capital dance, strong market vitality.

Where does innovation come from? Reporter: Compared to emerging industries, traditional industries are also facing the pressure of innovation, especially revolutionary innovation. Where does Hangzhou Silk's innovation vitality come from?

Fei Jianming: Hangzhou silk innovation has the cultural advantage first. At present, there are a number of silk museums and special exhibition halls in Hangzhou, as well as world-level and national-level intangible cultural heritages and successors. All these help us to tap the cultural value of the silk industry and increase the added value of our products. At the same time, Hangzhou Silk kept abreast of fashion, and on the basis of six consecutive years of publishing research on China's silk trends, this year also carried out research and publication of silk trends. Our goal is to create the most professional and authoritative Chinese silk fashion trends in China. . We have also established the China-Italy Como Silk Promotion Alliance in Italy and have carried out fruitful cooperation.

There are also technological innovations. Most of the silk enterprises in Hangzhou have already applied for approval as high-tech companies. Nowadays, some foreign luxury brands have gone to Hangzhou to search for silk processing OEMs. Of course, Hangzhou silk companies have also vigorously implemented their brand strategy in recent years and already have a large number of well-known Chinese trademarks.

Need to crack three major problems Reporter: In your opinion, Hangzhou silk in the development of what problems need to be resolved?

Fei Jianming: I think that the first is the persistence and transfer of the physical industry. Silk companies in Hangzhou have already faced great pressure of recruitment difficulties and high labor costs. Therefore, they must plan ahead and think about the resolution and transfer of physical industries. First, we should stick to it. After all, Hangzhou has the soil and environment suitable for the development of the silk industry. It is the distribution center for silk trade in the world; secondly, it should shift production and manufacturing parts to lower-cost areas in due course, while retaining design and marketing in Hangzhou, and transforming it. Ways to achieve the steadfastness of the physical industry.

The second is the innovation of production methods and marketing models. It seems to me that in less than ten years, we may no longer have silkworm farmers and silkworms, and the only solution is the production methods. The mulberry sericulture method, which has been passed down for thousands of years, has been transformed into a workshop-feeding method, and the artificial automatic reeling has evolved into an intelligent reeling. To completely change the traditional ** to truly liberate productivity. Silk enterprises in Hangzhou began to mainly engage in foreign trade, and they have been involved in the domestic market for the last ten years. However, the ten-year network marketing has changed the world. Hangzhou Silk's marketing model has apparently not kept pace with this change. Silk enterprises that can achieve most of their sales on the Internet are still rare, and many companies have not yet “touched the net”. Only the innovation of the marketing model can ensure Hangzhou Silk Yong Li Chao head.

The third is the high-end and popularization of silk goods. The debate about these two viewpoints is common in newspapers. Actually, this is a false proposition, just as the garment industry should only do the same as Versace or Uniqlo. An industry, both high-end brands, but also cheap brands, this is Wang Dao, is a brand positioning for different consumer groups, is a manifestation of the company's differentiated marketing strategy. Little do they know that the "silk noble theory" sings much more, and indirectly raises the price of silk and silk, so as to affect the market rule of "determining prices from supply and demand." Therefore, Hangzhou's silk companies only need to identify their own company's brand positioning on the line, do not make high-end or popular people's unnecessary speculation.

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